Dream of Prince Charles / Dream of Buddhist House.

A couple days ago I dreamt I was in the MidTown Plaza in downtown Saskatoon. It was dark with low light, just like it used to be in the 1980's. I remember sitting at a dinner table with Royalty. I watched and commented on Royals entering the mall, or building. I think we were near the elevators. I was clearly eating the best steak ever. I said to people it was the best. Prince Charles over heard me and came up so close to me, his forehead was touching mine. This connection lasted for about a minute or more. /////// Dreamt of entering a house I've never been in, in reality but had been in a couple of times before. I walked through the front door with people, and there was a staircase leading down, and one leading up. I looked around downstairs and saw a long hallway of many rooms. This time the place was full of stuff, but the owners were not home. I looked upstairs and saw looked up to see a large room about 100 feet by 100 feet. It was all white marble. I saw Buddhist shrines on the upper levels. The upper levels were all made of transparent floors. There was about 5 levels. I then remember being on one of the top floors looking at all the Buddhist objects with other people. I noticed how thin the floors were. I remember someone giving warnings about the floors. I felt the floor was made of giving way. I saw the Buddhist owner and told him to run. We all made it off the floor except the Buddhist who choose to stay. The floor collapsed, and the Buddhist who was dressed in Buddhist clothes fell through the other floors of glass. He landed on a large safe. I thought he was dead. He was about to die when I went up to him and he held out his hand. It was full of red, crystalline candy looking beads. I eat all the crystals that tasted like sprinkles you put on a cake. Then he said to open the safe and stick my head inside. I did and remember hearing voices but seeing nothing else.


I have Channeled messages from a group of allied Beings, Races of Beings extraterrestrial for years. Most of these messages have been recorded in these blogs. The following should be considered pseudo science, conjecture, theory, and educated guess, unless you find something that rings true to you. Take what you like and leave the rest....""We are something like a federation, a unity of inter-planetary species. We are many league's and legions. Each of our races of Being have many sub-races of Beings. Our technologies know no limits. Our ships know no limits. For many of us of the most ancient, are also the most 'advanced'. Some of us are Light Beings  that have  existed long before the earth and the solar system was created. 'Light Beings' is a term that we would like to describe as pure consciousness within pure energy. By thought we built mother ships the size of earth, and much larger. The thoughts we amplify build physical matter. Just as you are approaching nano-technology, we can do this with lasers that emanate from our bodies, which are minds. Our technology of Being is not limited, and we can build whole solar systems. Many of our ships are extended vessels of ourselves. Many are the size of one half of the sun. Enoch your prophet, our messenger saw the size of our mother ships thousands of years ago. And since then our vessels have grown to expand the size of whole solar systems. The Pleiadians if you will are the lowest of our Being / Race expressions. The Pleiadians consume , or eat Light transmuted through crystals. The crystalline geometries feed their bodies. Now expand this consumption to the size of whole stars, and you will know us. You must learn to stop thinking that there is an end, or finish to the universe. There is none. The universe is made of numerous universes, trillions upon millions of trillions of galaxies. You must learn that our 'evolution' is as infinite as time dilation itself. Our minds are like time dilation in the thousands of billions of cubic squared kilometers of space and time.  Time in space, and space in time both operate as neurons and synapses of the human brain. We built the earth and the solar system. Numerous species of extraterrestrial beyond you have been inhabiting the planet for millions of years before your version of the human being was created.  It was created by a race of Light Beings known as the Anunnaki. Your bodies and minds represent thousands of Races beyond you. Such libraries exist as your 'dormant DNA.' Many Races beyond you have been fusing their libraries into your species for over 100,000 years. You have no conscious, not even unconscious knowledge of what is in these libraries. If you did, their information being so compact with energies would destroy your minds. Now we finish here by saying 'terrestrial' of extraterrestrial is a term that suggests that when we move, when we choose to move, we terra-form all the time and space of which we transgress. This is true. Many Beings ships terra-form the planet by their very presence of movement across the forests, lakes, and skies. Many of the lesser evolved take large amounts of your planets DNA samples and re-seed foreign planetary systems, you now call exo-planets. The Federation is us, the higher, highest of the high of the billions of billions of races, as we control the activities of all lesser evolved. There are hierarchies of federations, each more powerful, or powerless depending on how you move up or down the scale. DISCLOSURE will happen over many more decades, in piece meal. You will learn to except that the solar system is a living organism. Much like the 'Gaia Theory,' it is a single machine of fluid consciousness. You must learn to except first the smallest forms of life that dominate the solar system. Clouds of bacteria on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, in all their rings filled with bacterium. Just as Venus is now found to have such clouds you will see the whole solar system in this light. Then larger organisms dwelling throughout the solar system. These larger forms of denser bacterium's will follow further evidence of possible life on exo-planets in the universe. In the mean time your visions, and experiences of us will intensify. """ 

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Dreamt I walked into my dad's house. It was a combination of a couple of houses he had lived in. One was from Ave H. South, and another was from a near by town called Asquith. In the dream a woman freaks out just as I entered the back door, and says she saw a full figure of a ghost woman. I am aware of the presence of the woman. Everyone is gone. I leave out some bread and butter I was eating. I head to a living room.  Everyone is gone from the house and I am sitting alone on a couch in a living room. The blond haired ghost materializes. I am stunned to see how real she looks. We start talking about how she died and why she haunts the location, but I can't remember those details now. Another girl appears and maybe her daughter. But she doesn't remain long. A dog appears, a golden retriever. The dog leaves her side and walks toward me, allowing me to pet it for a while. She is so real, and yet as if she was a 4 dimensional movie projection. I then go into another, separate dream about being possessed, but I only remember now pushing a man down the stairs with my will, or mind. At some point I am an infant, possessed, and throwing up a lot. Then I would enter a new dream thinking about the blond ghost woman, missing her, wanting her. Yet afraid, knowing she is a ghost. I find a room in a dark, large house. It is has a large bed with blankets and I go to bed wondering if she will appear again. This leads to the next dream posted here............  I went to bed in a dark room somewhere in the mansion. The simple house of my dad's old house had turned into a very large house. I was very aware of the ghost blond woman haunting the house. I heard the phone ring about three different times. I heard a message on the answering machine. I finally got up and walked quickly down the long hallway to the living room. I was singing the name of the blond ghost woman, a name I have now forgotten. I got to the phone and it looked very complicated. I kept trying to figure out how to use it. I pressed several buttons but now of them worked. [ I've have had numerous such dreams where I try to phone home, just like E.T., and I can't understand the operator, or they can't understand me, or something goes wrong with the phone.] The room has changed into a large lobby of some kind. A man tries to assist me in calling but its no use. I find myself in a movie theatre, its feels underground. [ I often dream of a movie theatre underground at the end of 8th Street in Saskatoon. This theatre used to be called The Rainbow Cinema. It was in a mall, and had an underground feeling to it.] I had money and a horror movie about a possessed woman who goes crazy like a blood thirst vampire was showing. I went to the counter and ordered my food and drink. I suddenly became aware that there was no masks. I looked everyone for one. I was frustrated because there were no masks anywhere. The food and drink was placed on the counter. A large pitcher of iced coffee, a large popcorn, about tour hamburgers. I kept asking the woman which theater the movie was playing in. She kept avoiding an answer. The movie would start in 15 minutes. I felt I had plenty of time, so I walked outside , across a short parking lot to a booth that had an n underground staircase leading to another mall. This was just a cross the street to the west of the downtown, Saskatoon, Scotiabank Cinemas. The same movie was playing there. I was having a hard time carrying all my food, and drink. I realized that I couldn't get in to see the movie because the ticket was for a different location. So I climbed back up the stairs. Somehow there is a new dream that pops in where I am now in a large food court filled with the most exotic venue's, large seating areas suspended in the air. It was very futuristic, and as I traveled through the complex on a escalator I remember thinking I have to bring my friends here to have coffee. So many things to look at, giant fish tanks, large T.V. screens. I then popped back to my original dream and took an escalator back up to the the same parking lot I had come from. I walked across the parking lot to the near by movie theatre I had come from. I was inside again, trying to carry all my food and drink, while looking for a mask. Someone finally told me where the movie was, and I entered to see a collage  seminar room converted into a movie theater. I found a set at a long table, and saw two large screens in front of me. The two separate T.V. screens would somehow be viewed as one big screen when the movie started. I could see a large fountain in the outside of large windows. It was night. When I entered the theater from the parking lot it was day. The movie starts, I see a bright flash of light from the screens. 


[[ JANUARY 1st 2021 Addition. My mom did the best she could. I have long come to forgive her. She was afraid of Abe, her boyfriend, and put up with all the abuse for all the reasons that most women who experience abuse by their spouses stay in the relationship. My mom made many changes after Abe's death. She stopped drinking several years ago, and found much inner peace in the years after Abe's passing. He was the one, as my mom explained to me, and I believe her who forced her to stay at the bars and drink, leaving me along at home so many times as a kid. In the last years of Abe's life, my mom took back the reigns and forced him to travel to Saskatoon, my hometown to drop off huge quantities of food. Her generosity and love grew as Abe became more and more bed  bound, dying of cancer. ]] ////// In 1994 I meet Carol Jewel / Whitley at a UFO film being played at a downtown hotel. The films of flying ufo's were very convincing. No shaking models, or anything fake about them. These are the films that to this day have never been seen, or viewed on any social media. These were the real films of Saucers flying around the farmyard of Bill Meyer. Carol introduced to Arianna Sherann. She ran the Ashtar Command center, and me and Carol traveled to her house a few times. I began to read a lot about ufo's, and aliens. My own Channeling intensified, but now it was becoming more reflective. Carol also introduced me to an A.R.E. group that is dedicated to studying the writings of Edgar Cayce. At both different locations me and Carol did some meditations and soul reflection. She began to take me to A.A. meetings. They were very healing, as I would end up going to hundreds of meetings. At the same time I met Carol, I also met Allan Mason. He was a next door friend and also a heavy A.A. meeting person. I was still in a lot of pain, and still practicing my occult reading, studying, and Trance Channeling, but with a new, shining thread of healing. These friends, and the people I met at the meetings saved my life. I learnt how to begin socializing again. In 1995, or 96, me and Carol went out to watch the annual September meteor shower. It was dusk, we stopped just South and outside of the city. We got out, and it wasn't long before we noticed a large , black triangular UFO floating our way from the west, heading east. The ufo was about a quarter mile from us, maybe a quarter mile in the sky. As it passed over us and the desolate highway we cheered the craft on, shouting "take us, take us.".  Instead we were both gently pushed back by an invisible beam that seemed to scan us, and caress us.. I could feel the beam push against the back of head, down my whole spine. Carol felt it too. The craft moved slowly east, crossing the road, and out of sight. With perfect timing, the highway traffic began again. On the super excited drive back into the city I told Carol how home sick I was. I really felt it hard. Later that night we found out that others had seen the craft too. Weeks later I began Channeling large amounts of information about a massive series of Light Worker geometries that a woman in Wisconsin was drawing out. She wanted to know what they meant, and I recorded several tapes of their meanings. They were copies and sent to Betty Lou Marsue, a French last name. She was extremely excited and sent me up a large box filled with books of Enlightenment, Channeled books like The Book of Metatron. For copies please contact the Saskatoon Ashtar Command, Arianna Sherann. The messages of the Light Workers quickly fell out of favour with me. To this day, messages of love, light, and rose coloured sunglasses make me ill. My messages from the beginning were far more hard core, and ruff edged, or very deep. It was all of this pain, suffering and experiences of fear, doubt and despair that pushed me into a life of intense Trance Channeling. Over the decades I have amassed at least 10,000 hours of Channeling. I kept going to AA meetings for the next several years, and it all did wonders for me. I was s till Channeling a lot, still deeply entwined in the occultism of Crowley, and Alchemic Hermetism. But all the while, settling down, healing a little more each day. The intense Channeling, or downloading from Alien Races of various types, from Grey's to the Anunnaki exploded when I started working at the COOP Grocery Store. For the next seven years working there, from 1989, to 1995 I received numerous visions of blinding images. It was all very deep astral schematics of the universe, and the invisible universes. The visions were like veils placed over my eyes as I tried to work. I would often hide somewhere and draw out the visions on small pieces of paper. The visions kept coming despite all the heavy drinking of me and my brother.  The visions continued despite all the bullying I was still receiving from my mom, step dad, and brother, Finally in 2001 I saw the mass of hundreds of pieces of paper scattered in a box. I saw many of the Channeled stories, fiction and non-fiction I had written. I asked," What am I supposed to do with all this?" My first website was launched in 2002. It was the cheapest, crappiest website ever. Finally, years later I could afford to have a real professional designer make a new website. For years after that I kept adding more and more material. The results kept growing. I kept adding all the premonitions I was getting, and marking the days they came true. I added links to my two world wide published oracles from Schiffer Publishing. I linked my 44 books I had written, and published on Amazon Kindle. I kept amassing the successes of my writing career, and the result is the Universe, Kingdom, and Empire you see today on the website. My only brother Dave, my step dad Abe, and genetic father died one after the other from 2012 onward. My mom made a 360 degree turn to a free spirit of positivity. She was free from Abe's abuse. I was now published, appearing on local T.V., and doing a couple of national radio interviews, one of which, just this month was broadcast throughout all of North America. I hope that my brief autobiography has allowed for several positive messages to surface to the eyes of the reader. The messages being to push through, plough through all resistance of pain, suffering, bullying, addictions. So plough your way through extreme depression, anxiety, and fear, and do what your heart wants. Let nothing, or no one stop you. As I now enter 2021, my healing journey has only just begun. I still struggle with low self esteem. I still self sabotage of good things in life. But things are far more peaceful, calm, and healing. I am still like a wounded animal with many defeats of character, and short comings. But I am much stronger now, more sane, and happy, content at having recorded all the thousands of pages of Channeled materials for posterity. Hopefully someone will carry on my Ancient Mystery School to help enlighten the masses. Someday, when I am more healed, more allowing of myself, I will find someone to love. 2021 holds much more promise then the last year. I know this year will open up many more doors, and accomplishments of many more projects. 


I meet my best friend in High School on the first day of first class. Our lockers were beside each other. The locks of our lockers would not open no matter what we tried. The principle with his keys couldn't open them. Me and Anthony Dunmore began talking while we waited for the janitor to bring lock busting pliers. At the last moment we tried one last time, the lockers finally opened at the same time. Me and Anthony would visit Saskatoon's first occult emporium book store quit often. We did a lot of experimenting with Astral Projection tapes we bought. Anthony later  told me about his demon possessed basement. Of course I didn't believe him. Soon we had a sleep over at his house. We managed to set up a camping tent using hooks on the overhead beams. We sat in the tent eating melted toffee on a plate, when the plate went flying at super lightning speed, crashing into the corner of the tent. It didn't even chip. A stereo next to us would turn on and off by itself. We took out the batteries and it continued. A string we had set up from the overhead light into the tent was pulled by itself. In the darkness we would turn the light back on and watch as an invisible hand grabbed hold of the string and pulled it down, shutting off the light. In the darkness, in the night we heard a few boxes next to a wall being pushed around. From the dim light of street lamps shining through windows without curtains we watched a single chair move from one location to another, but itself, instantaneously. We heard the snorting of a goat, and the sound of goats feet on the cement. We both saw a long, boney, skeleton finger poke the side of the tent. It kept poking closer to us, bending the tent deeply inward, without leaving a single sign of a tare. We played a Q+A game with the creatures. Two knocks on the tent for no, one knock for us. We got quit a few responses to our questions. Anthony's parents were Ministers found about the demons and brought in two more priests to do the exorcism. An exorcism was conducted on Anthony as well since he displayed anti-social behaviors, and a spirit of disobedience. Throughout school we would hear loud bangs next to us, coming the walls, or desks. Things we needed for our class work would appear and disappear. This happened with teachers and fellow students. The demons followed us to my mom apartment, where we, in my bedroom saw blankets move on their own. Experienced freezing cold spots. Later that night while my mom was away we started several dozen garage ben fires in the allies. We were serious trouble makers. Rebelling against our strict up bringing's. Anthony moved to La Ronge, a city in the far north of Saskatchewan. Months later I took a trip up there, and the demons were there to greet us. In Anthony's basement the mattresses we were sleeping on would be forced up, and curled up, forcing us out of our beds. We set up a tent outside, only feet from the house. We got very bad feeling that things were beginning to surround us, and ran out of the tent and into the house. The next morning, the tent, and every piece belonging to it was gone. This was the same tent we used in the Saskatoon house. Again Anthony's dad felt the evil presence and di more exorcism's with other priests. Anthony and his family then moved to Barrie Ontario where he is today. And I haven't seen him since then. I was about enter Grade 11, and my mom got back with Abe. The bullying began again, the long, lonely hours of being left abandoned went on, and on.   My hours in my self exiled spirit rooms increased. I spent all my time reading books on Ramtha, Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, Aleister Crowley. I pasted a deck of Rider Tarot Cards above and around my bed. And began using not only for readings with family, but secret incantations of witchcraft and Voodoo. School bullying greatly intensified. Now I had no friends at all for the next two years. For reasons of crying for help, and attention I got into some very bad habits with Voodoo, Psychic Vampirism, and near Black Magick. I was for a couple years already seeing psychologists for my bad behaviors, and obsessions with isolation, escapism, and occultism. Finally I was living on my own. I was working at a local COOP. All my occult reading, studying and practicing intensified unchecked. 


Throughout Elementary School I had to put with a very dysfunctional family. My brother was always leaving home and ending up in a youth detention center.  My real dad often didn't keep his promises to visit us. Me and my brother were often left very hurt and heart broken by this. Abe, my mom's boyfriend who became my step dad was pure evil. I was never physical abused, or sexually abused but I might as well have. I was verbally abused constantly. My mom always talked down to me, that I would never be able to get a great job. That I wasn't intelligent enough to pursue University for anything that I wanted to be. My brother was always a bully, and we fought all the time. My mom and Abe would often leave me home alone until 2 or 3 in the morning when they came home drunk. Then they fought for the next 3 hours. This was an annual event. My grades were a disaster, and I was pushed through the grades by kindness and mercy. I was classified as a slow learner, and I barely made it through the classes. I wasn't a slow learner, I was traumatized, paralyzed in the fear of constant family violence and neglect. My self esteem was shattered at an early age, and decades later remains on the balance. I was the class clown, the fool, the nerd, and the outcaste, outsider. I was bullied at home and at school. All this time I was a space cadet. I hide in my fantasy world, isolating in my books. Being left alone most nights, and having no friends anywhere, I was forced to play space games by myself.    In the later grades, grade 7, and 8 I intensified my reading of ghost books, ufo's, bigfoot, The Bermuda Triangle, Ancient Alien architecture, Aliens. Not much changed during High School. In fact it was much worse. I dressed like a psychedelic freak in techno-rainbow colours. I had very bad acne, and ugly glasses. This time I only had one friend throughout my High School experience, Anthony Dunmore. My mom and Abe broke up prior to me entering High School, my mom told me the stories of the haunted houses we had lived in. My dad later confirmed what he knew of what was going on. I learned of many alternative music artists from a local University station, and made it a priority to listen to all the strangest music ever created. The music helped me escape, it helped saved my life. I lived at various locations with my mom while in High School, and in all of them my bedroom was a space station. My walls were plastered with pictures and posters of stars, galaxies, ufo's, alien landscapes. Later they would be plastered with posters of vampire themes, and occultism. In grade 9 Saskatoon's first occult store opened up. I was there often talking with the owner, and reading all the used books she had to offer. I started practicing a mixture of Voodoo, witchcraft, and psychic vampirism. My mom continued to drink late nights, and the bulling continued from School, and my brother. I got deeper into reading, studying, and practicing various form of the occult. I became obsessed with Trance Channeling, it was a great escape for me. I spent hours a day either reading all the New Age books of the time, or summoning spirits in my bedroom. I was possessed more than a couple of times, and did things that I have no memory of. My friends, and family would later inform me of my mad hatters. My first two years of High School was filled with paranormal experiences. That will be left for the fourth part of my mini-autobiography. 


We lived as kids in Elementary school at haunted house, two blocks back from the  haunted house on Ave L. South. This house was only half a block from school. We lived in this second haunted house on Ave N. South, while my mom, her boyfriend Abe, and his brothers worked on totally reconstructing the interior of the house at 1135 Ave L. South. My mom told me all about the haunted houses not long before I was to start High School. Then we were living in an apartment complex on the East side of the city. I was already very troubled. But more on that later. Ave L was haunted by teo children about the ages of nine. My mom saw them one night coming home while I was out truck driving with my dad. She opened the side door and saw two children, both about nine years old, a boy and a girl. Their glowing outlines scared her so much she fell back and broke her ankle. Maybe they were mad about all the family fighting in the years prior, and the years to come? Prior to my mom meeting Abe, who would become my unofficial step-father, my mom and dad fought a lot.  My parents later separated, but never divorced. My dad kept the house, and my mom moved into the hotel where she worked as a head maid. That hotel would be connected next to what is now known as THE LIGHTHOUSE. While living at Ave L, with my dad and my brother I started get sick. I think I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was sent o live with my mom because my dad had to work and no one was around to take care of me. I went through five to six weeks of intense sickness. I got the mumps, then the mussels, the flu. I could barely eat for weeks. The ear, stomach and throat aches were unbearable. My mom had meet Abe at the hotel. He would end up being a sever bully. Abe and my mom bought our old house on Ave L from my dad. We moved in. I kept coming home after Elementary school to see my bedroom in the basement being torn to pieces, all my toys, and things were scattered everywhere. My mom would later on tell me it was the ghosts haunting the house. The ones that hated my step-dad, Abe. They always bothered him while he tried to sleep, and later had to sleep only with the lights on.  Numerous fights took place when my dad showed up very late in picking us up for a visit. My dad was often late, or a no show after promising to visit us. My reading of occult books about ghosts, hauntings, alien abductions intensified. At school I was a total moron. I was the freaky, space cadet. I was bullied all the time, called upon to be the class clown at a moments notice. Abe and my mom left me alone in that haunted house on numerous, countless occasions while they spent all night drinking in the bars. They would call me every once in a while to say they would have a couple more drinks and then be home. That wasn't until 3 am in the morning, when they would spend the next three hours fist fighting. All of this before we even moved into the second haunted house. on Ave n. South. The second house we had lived in was haunted by a man who hung himself in the basement. As a kid I remember seeing doors would close on their own, the toilet flush by itself. Taps turns on by themselves, and sounds of loud creeks on the basement stairs. Our dog always barked at nothing in the air. My mom and Abe kept drinking late nights, leaving me alone at the house. I was told at that time all the weird happenings were mechanical issues. After several years of being left alone at nights in haunted houses, my mom and Abe stopped renting the second house. The first house on Ave L, sold.  We moved into an apartment on the east side. My mom and Abe separated. My mom told me the ghost stories prior to entering High School. High School would be a two year experience with demons. 


I was as a baby, brought to term in my first nine months of life across the street from Saskatoon's largest graveyard, I spent the first year of life on 2nd Ave, across from Woodlawn Cemetery. We moved briefly to another house, but in less than a year me, my brother, and parents moved into the haunted house of 1135 Ave L. South. I would learn of this being haunted, nor the second one until I was about to start my first grade in High School. As far back as I can remember I was always fascinated with space, ghosts and UFO's. Our Elementary School had two libraries. One for grades 1, to 5, and the other from 5 to 8. As far back as grade 2 I was always looking at picture books about the stars, sun, planets, and galaxies. I draw out cartoons about a space traveling man I named Mr. Small. He was based off the Flintstones Mars character. By grade 5 I was traveling with my dad, and my brother on long distance truck driver adventures. During the summer holidays I would travel all over North America on my dad's 18 wheeler. I always took my puppets, and books on astronomy. Through the next four years the books would become much more complex. I left the puppets behind and took with me books like Erich's Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods, Gods From Outer Space. I talked my dad's ear off with all topics related to the ancient aliens, and the stone structures they left behind. We talked endlessly about aliens, and the size of the universe, how far a light year was, how big the sun was compared to the earth. I brought books like OMNI'S Book of Robots and, Book of Computers. These books were about the future. My dad was the greatest inspiration in my life. He always listened, and never judged. As a family, and as a passenger with my dad on the semi=truck, we travelled a lot through the Rocky Mountains. I was always on the look out for bigfoot, or ufo's flying out of the mountains. Escape From Witch Mountain was a big childhood inspiration. Perhaps my early fascination with the occult began when I was about 5 or 6, when my mom and my brother Dave played around a lot with a Ouija Board. Finally when my mom no longer liked it, she told my brother to through it in the garbage. I was devastated. I began crying and fighting against throwing it out. Who knows maybe this is where the ghosts of this house come from. My brother throw the board in the garbage in the back yard. I later went and brought it back into the house. Again my brother had to throw it out. This time in an alley garbage can where I would never find it. At around the age of 9 or 10 I awoke from a sleep in the middle of the night. I looked back and saw myself still  sleeping on the bed. I turned and walked right through the basement bedroom door, up the stairs and out through the closed, backyard door. There I saw a wall of changing colors, and lights. Sometime later, in real life I noticed two deep chunks of flesh missing from my stomach and chest. Later on I would except this as some kind of Alien abduction. The holes in my body were deep, about one centimeter by two centimeter wide. There was no sign of blood, or an insect bit. At about this time my parents were separated for over a year now. My dad's new girlfriend Patty had an encyclopedia that I fell in love with. It was a massive series of books called The Encyclopedia of Man, Myth and Magick. Patty was also a witch. I would read the encyclopedia and learn about her divination, palm reading, pendulums, when ever we visited. My dad was living in a haunted farmhouse just east of Sasaktoon, along side the road leading to a small town called Bruno. It was haunted by a little girl who drowned in a swamp behind the house. My dad said he could often see her light floating around. I spent a few night there in that house, reading from the borrowed encyclopedia books, but my dad never told me about the ghost until much later on. My dad would later move in with Patty in the city, and have three children with her. While all these paranormal events were happening, I was raised in an ongoing horror show, a very dysfunctional family. That begins the second half of my story. 


Before having this dream I was laying down in bed. At some point I felt a sudden sharp, burning spike like sensation in my fourth toe on my left foot. The fourth toe going from left to right, before the big toe. I really didn't think much of it........ Then later I had the following dream.....I had a long and lengthy dream of walking in a very clinical bank. I asked for a loan of $500, 000 dollars. I had to go through many questions as two different Oriental women took all information, and I was to read and sign papers. Than an older woman, Caucasian, about 55 years old came up to me. She had dark brown hair curled up in buns. She was dressed in a white long sleeved shirt and black skirt.  She looked like she was dressed from the 1930's, common school teacher look. Her face looked completely fake, like she face was filled with Botox. It was as if she a hundred years old but with the face of a 55 or 60 year old via the Botox. One Oriental lady told me to look into a laser scanner like camera, and start talking about anything. Then I was told of some corporation has globally scanned my face. I was told it was a free procedure for me because I was going to receive the loan. She showed me the results on a monitor. I saw numerous images of famous historical people like Hitler, and famous movie and T.V. personalities. It was as if my face was being grafted onto theirs's, a computer simulation of what they would like if my face were on them.  It looked like I was about to receive my $500,000 dollar loan but when I was asked for my S.I.N number I couldn't remember it. The tall Caucasian woman with the Botox was asking me questions and I couldn't understand her. I began to feel dizzy, and I fell to the floor. I felt suddenly drugged. I remember laying there looking up at all these lights. People came and carried me to an operating table. I blacked out for a moment. The Botox woman was standing over me guiding a very long needle that I could feel moving around in my stomach. There was no pain. Then she retracted the needle. I began to feel an incredible lust for her, like she could take full advantage of me. I wanted her to rapture me, take me, have sex with me. She moved to to the left of me and placed a needle in my right cheek. She was scooping up fat and tissue from inside my cheek. Then she looked at what she had scooped, and brought out another needle and started doing some kind of surgery to my left, upper teeth. I just felt so much in lust of her. I wanted her to sink her teeth in my neck, kind of lust. For quit a while I could feel my left arm against her stomach. Then it was time to get up. I felt like a drone, a mindless drone. Everything she said I agreed to. At one point I dropped my pants as we walked into a private room. I was wanting to make love to her. But that was rejected. She told me something about having to be scanned again, as it I was a product being bought at a store, and it needed to be scanned for product I.D. and so the scanner at the front door would not go off when I left. This procedure was simply me placing my hands in a red beam of light. That's all I remember. 


The following is three vivid dreams I've had over the past couple of weeks. I did my best to memorize them. I was quit hesitant in posting the dreams, but I will leave out certain details that may give people the wrong idea of me. I am not a Satanist or demon worshiper of any kind even though the dreams may indicate so. in the first recorded dream, and the last I'm not sure if they are cult like dreams, but the second recorded dream certainly is. I think the Satanic like dream has to do with wanting, desiring to be a part of something special. A part of me wants to surrender to another, or others, be controlled in a sexual fetish way. The second dream is from my deep subconscious, and it represents a passion to be a helpless victim in a sexual manner. It maybe the result of my lifetime interests in vampires. I have a strong, unacknowledged desire to belong, to be wanted by a group, or intimate surrender. Or it was just another wet dream. LOL. DREAM # 1... I am in a hut made of bamboo. I remain in this hut throughout the dream. The hut appears to be in the middle of a large field, at night, in summer. Sometimes it feels like it is in a detention center. The walls are filled with exotic, esoteric items. All the kinds of gifts you would find in a metaphysical, paranormal gift shop. Me and my brother were living in the hut and we seemed to have accumulated all these things together. I saw crystals of all kinds, wooden masks, Buddhist and Hindu paraphernalia. Two people walk into the hut and sit down. We sit with them, playing cards. I found out that the one person is a king pin of all the gangs in the city. That lives near my old house on 1135 Ave L. South in Riversdale area. I wanted impress him and make sure we were friends. I gave him a sacred crystal, he excepted, we shook hands in friendship and he left. While we were playing cards I saw two woman on my brother's bed. I don't know if we knew they were there. One was a red head, the other a brunette. Then there was a man in a black suit, with white hair. He appeared to be almost transparent in skin tone. He saw a knife I had picked up off the table, one of many ancient items. The man is very interested in the knife. He approaches me and asks to see it. I let him see it. I have a strong feeling I should make this person happy by giving him the knife. My brother agreed. He was pleased with being given the knife. He wanted to bless me by pressing the handle of the knife on my forehead. After he left, I said to my brother...... IN THE SECOND DREAM.... ..I walk into a  darkly lit room. The room is very large. I feel dizzy. I am naked.  I am naked throughout the dream. I see two large, marble, black, oblong  monuments. They are like giant altars on either side of me. They are about 5 feet tall, so people could walk on top of them. Two people I can't see help me to an altar up ahead. The altar is a large, oblong table with a white sheet covering it. Numerous medieval type cups, and bowls with some science flacks willed with liquids were covering the table. I saw a round , black cloth on the wall with symbols on it but it was all blacked out throughout the dream. I drink from a cup that is lifted to me. Now I am very dizzy and weak. I am left to lay on the floor. I see two or three women I've seen before in other dreams. They are naked, and simply walk past me. I seem to be feeling more drugged, more lustful for something, like a hungry animal. A large man dressed in Priestley robes approaches me and starts sprinkling me with holy water. He has many weird symbols on his regalia. The holy water is not the kind of holy water you find in a Church. It seems to do something strange to me. Another, larger,older woman is seen naked, worshiping the altar on her knees.  A man who appears to be a great Roman of importance appears in my face and starts telling me things, asking me things. I am too drugged to really reply. But I hear people call him a great Roman philosopher. Romanus,  or something like that was his name. He was dressed in a Roman toga, he was Caucasian with white, short, curly hair.  Then he left and another, different Priest appeared and using a cup of holy water, or whatever it was, and began sprinkling me with it. He rubbed my forehead with water a drew an upside down cross. I immediately thought of The Cross of St. Peter. Than naked women I could not see began pasting me with something. I kept hearing chants throughout the dream. I than saw a large bible like book. It didn't have any title. It seemed to have a silver square center, with reddish trimmings. Some hieroglyphic images of some sort outlined the red trimming. Someone asks me if I believe, and if I except. I say "I do. I except.".......IN THE THIRD DREAM......I only remember basic parts of this dream. I am with my brother, his friend Wes, sometimes Wes would morph into another friend of mine, Thomas.  We were drinking at some bar, it is late at night, and we are walking home. We come across two women with long red hair. They were Caucasian, an young, about 25, the other about 35. We started talking, and there was a fourth person with me, Dave and Wes, but I don't find out who he is. The girls ask us to come over and rink with them. He say yes, and I we have bottles of hard liquor with us. As we get close to their house which appears to be an apartment, they tell us of a time travelling porthole. We  are all drunk and we decide to run with the girls into the large brush of trees next to their apartment. As we run through I begin feeling weird, and I say out loud that its working. I duck under a tree branch which is bent like a doorway. I run underneath it and jump into a lake shore side at the end of the path. Instead of jumping onto the sand below, I am standing at the doorway of the girls apartment. "See?" They said. "We told you it was real."  We were amazed. We got into the apartment, house. The apartment or house had its front door right next to  where people walk. It was like the old neighbors of old London. The apartment door was without any patio, or yard. You could just walk in from off the street. The house had a prestigious beachfront feel to it. It felt like Florida. There were many houses and building surrounding the large lake. We are inside the house, sitting on the hardwood floor. One of the red headed girls, the younger one says she wants to do a reading of me. I agree. Her older sister seems to warn me of her younger sisters powers. Her face becomes weird as she touches my arms. One eye seems to become larger. When she is done it was like it never happened. We seemed to be mesmerized by the women, and we didn't want to leave. The women kept showing me things in their house, stuff, junk they owned. We wanted badly to run through the time porthole again. It was like a drug. In the dream we end up passing through the thick grove of trees, taking the same path, ducking under the same tree branch, doorway. Each time was different seeming more serious than the last. Each time, one more of my friends is missing. Now I'ma alone with the sisters. They become like rich, drunken, hookers. But I feel I am trapped with them,and can't leave anywhere on my own. But that feeling is a strong desire not too. I want to stay with them.  After one sister returns with beer, we sit and drink together for a while. They tell me about their technologies, IPhones, interconnected video game and movie players. Like they are trying to convince me to stay. The dream ends with me having to use their washroom. 

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