January 7th, 2013

The IDLE NO MORE Premonitions; Omen for the Northern Gateway;

On my Saturday Nov, 27th 2010 Blog entry I wrote of a reoccurring dream. This one was about seeing giant Native people marching around in a circle. Their bodies were so tall their heads were in the clouds. They were carrying protest signs. About a month ago I had another dream that I think is about the upcoming protests and struggle to stop the NORTHERN GATEWAY pipeline. In this dream I am with my Uncle Ed. As in previous dreams before he goes to show me my great, great, great Grandmother, and Grandfather's graves. We go inside an old house, and into a basement. Then he shows me their bodies. There is a black bar fence around their bodies. As if they were of high importance. Then all of a sudden many family members of my dad's side were around me, trying to tell me things about them. After, I walk out of the house and my Uncle shows me a great mountain range. I look at the mountains and see a wall of them reaching for miles. I told my Uncle that it looks like a wall. He replied, and told me once again as he had in previous dreams how the lands had been divided between the Natives and the White people by the Freemasons. He said 'this wall of mountains divides our Nation from the White peoples land'. I can only now think of this dream as an omen of protest and struggle against the Northern Gateway Pipelines.
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