January 14th, 2013

THE GHOSTS OF MY LIFE: [ Update; February 8th, 2013.- Serial Killer Dream?

[[[[ At the bottom of this blog is a discription of a older man who was just charged with killing two woman in Eastern Canada. I describe the man they now have in custody, but that is where all simularity ends. Is it possible that he was caught before he killed children? Was he going to in the future? It is impossible now to tell, specially with this being based only on personal 'psychic' speculation. ]]]]. Just about to start on my second TEMPLATE for my Ancient Mystery School. The first one looks awesome, and professional. With the I Ching oracle, and the Tarot Oracle I have created, and will be published soon, the potential customers is nothing less then in the MILLIONS. //// Beyond seeing the so called SHADOW PEOPLE pass through my apartment and bedroom on a constant basis, I have been dreaming of ghosts recently. The Orbs are faint, and I usually only see shoulders, or legs of a shadow out of the corner of my eye. But I just Bless them, I know they are just passing through. In one dream I visit a old, abandoned hospital. In the first dream of this place I make a ghost angry by demanding he show himself. When he does, I am terrified. Smooth move. A day or so later I dream of the place again. This time I ask the same person to come foreword in a kind tone. He appears. I tell him I am sorry. He is dressed in a old suit. Tall, and thin, with a short top hat. I walk into another room with him, and sit down. He was talking to me about something, but I didn't catch what it was. He fades away as I see his image disappear, walking past a frosted window. Then another man starts walking down the hallway towards me. I say hello, and in walks a janitor. He asked me to relay a message to someone, but I have long since forgotten what that was. In another dream I am eating a large meal with a large group of people in a house I have never been in before. I don't know these people, but they seem to know me. They are foreign. Sometimes Ukrainian, or Russian, sometimes Chinese. The people's faces change back and forth, and their languages too. Sometimes they are East Indian. And when they are East Indian I go through a lengthy ceremony of worshipping their Deities in their house. Then I am led to the basement to sleep over night. In the darkness I feel a young girl climb into bed with me. I can see she is only 6 or 7 years old. I can see the outline of her dress and her pony tails. But I can not see her face. She seems to have a doll with her, and I feel her head up against mine. This part of the dream feels very real. She just lays there beside me. Then after a while she gets up, and I feel I am to follow her. In the darkness of the basement a light appears from somewhere. I see the girl and her two older sisters being led into a small shop next to an incomplete parking garage. The man, nor the girls are aware of me, and he he says he is going to kill them. I am shown his axe, and the terror of the girls. I feel helpless, there is nothing I can do. I feel the horrible event is something that has already happened. I wake up. I've had these dreams before, and I wonder if I am being contacted by spirits about a serial killer. He is always a tall, older man, about 50 or 60. He wears suspenders, and has a workshop in his basement. The walls of his garage are not complete, all you can see is the 2 by 4's and insulation.
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