February 6th, 2013


There are new photos from space by NASA of a galaxy called Messier. We are related to several Messier's. ////// Since I chose to put an old webpage back on my website, a Page about the Merovingians called "Genesis of the Dragons," I have been having dreams of a religious kind. In one dream I am destroying a wall of ancient, religious artifacts, idols, books, pictures. Finally I get to a black wall that becomes a thick, black, onyx like slab-table. I stick my head into it, and then my whole body is inside this black, thick plasma that covers my whole body. In a different dream I am sitting with a group of people on a balcony overlooking the inside of a church. Three Pastors walk in and start showing us different versions of the Bible. They are all black bond in leather, but each is different somehow. Then a priest shows me a Bible in the shape of the Sefiroth Tree of Life. But it saids in red writing, "Bible of Buddhism". The Bible was rewriten for Buddhists, but it looked be Jewish in design. In my late blogs of years past I have written several accounts of me and my family members in a church and we are given some kind of Communion. In a dream I had three days ago I am travelling through underground passage ways, sewers, abandened work shops, crawling through office windows looking for something. In these reoccurring dreams I briefly enter a church, it is a samll, sacred church. I walk on the ceiling boards of a roof that is not complete. The real ceiling is like a long triangle, high above the lower construction which is nothing more than 2X4's. I balance myself along the beams, and find myself in hidden rooms at the back of the altar. Only the High Priest is allowed in here I feel. Then I make my way back out using a stairway. Somehow I am in an old Hotel on 20th Street. It is a large, abandoned place for drug addicts and junkies. In the complicated rooms I come to a room that was used as a movie threatre. It is small and filled with junk. The only light is the front window that overlooks 20th Street. I start digging behind boxes and find a weird hole in the wall. It was designed to hide something important. There are people with me but I can not see them. They are just watching. It seems like I am the only one who can reach into the wall and take out the box. The box looks like a miniature model of a medieval church. The model is incredibly detailed, and becomes like a puzzel box. I have to twist and turn the church / box to open the inner contents. Finally, inside is a small, glass, cylinder tube. Inside the tube appears to be a liquid silver, or water. I feel I have found the Blood of Christ, and I drink the contents.
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