February 27th, 2013

Dreams of a Secret Agent of the Opus Dei? A Da Vinci Code like Dream.

For the past several weeks I've been having dreams of waking up in a bedroom with another man. No not what you think. He is in a seperate bed. We are both living with what appears to be foster parents. Or he is a guest of my families, usually my mother's side. We go on strange adventures, exploring the down town of a city. Or take long bus rides. We seem to share the same bedroom, and end up falling asleep together. Then we enter another dream together. Its really interconnected with dreams within dreams. Usually this man has a girlfriend. She is very rich, and likes being treated with the best. She is usually around somewhere close by, and I feel like I have to impress this man in order to win her favour. Then suddenly this morning in our latest shared dream he reveals his identity to me. I walk out into some living room and his dressed all in white with a Pope like hat on, a Cardinal's hat, long and pointy. I sense my mom, and the man's girlfriend waiting in the living room for us. He takes off his belt and I am told to "remember". I am shown the initials P9, or PQ, or P something or other. I feel it is the secret initials of the secret Vatican's service, the Opus Dei. I suddenly understand that he has been following me in my dreams, hopping to witness me finding one of those hidden, Christ secrets I often find in my dreams. Then we go out into the living room and I see a large t.v. It is the end of some show that I missed. But it shows all these weird coded messages in clocks, or electronics. The host of the t.v. show says something like, "The secrets of Christ are hidden almost everywhere."
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