March 6th, 2013


Last night I dreampt of Queen Victoria. I woke up on a double size hidda-bed with her lying beside me. I felt as if she was my Grandmother. But as I tried to get up from what felt like a coma I saw that it was an large, old lady with long white hair, and a Victorian style black dress. I felt instinctivly that this was Queen Victoria. I could hear my mom saying something about her in th distance but I couldn't catch what it was. As the Queen woke, I helped her to get up, and she kept talking about her hair. She was very old, but alive, not a skeleton or anything like that. She seemed grateful and at ease. Then she disappeared from the dream when I focused on my mother who was in a kitchen not far away. She was telling me about a plan by the Government to move Native lands further North. I warned my mom that this would be a grave mistake, and that there would be a world wide uproar. based on this dream I will hereby predict that DUCHESS KATE MIDDLETON WINDSOR will have her baby girl near the time that is special to Queen Victoria. And the name of the Royal Baby will be VICTORIA. //// This brings me to a dream I had a few days ago. A dream I wrote of on my Facebook wall. The dream was of me getting off a bus and kissing the ground. I knew it was sacred ground. It was a warm, summer day, I had Sweetgrass and Eagle feathers in my hands. I walked into an old white church and proceeded to walk on a specially built walking ramp into a church. At the back of the church I saw three graves. One to my left, and two to my right. The coffins were seen to be slightly above ground. I saw pictures on the walls of three men. Black and white photos. I was told they were the founders of my family. I ran sweetgrass over their graves with the Eagle feathers. Then I left the church leaving the sweetgrass and feathers by the graves.
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