March 21st, 2013


I LONG TO BE A CORPORATE CLAIRVOYANT. !!!! My nearly 200 documented, facted and true premonitions on my this Blog site and on my Facebook wall proves that I have the clear abilitiy to see ups and downs in products. For example, had investors heeded my warning yesterday, I could have saved them hundreds of millions in lost stocks at the hands of a weakening Eurozone. At the end of April I will be adding a few more successful premonitions I have made in the past three months. iN MY LAST BLOG 24 hours ago I warned on my livejournal and on my Facebook wall that Germany's GDP and the Eurozone PMI were about to shrink. Late the next day news data proved that.... the German Manufacturing Output contracted in March. This was totally unexpected, as was the Eurozone PMI worse than expected, Eurozone Manufacturing and Services contracting in March. I quote from my Facebook wall yesterday.... "THE EURO GDP IS SHRINKING, EVEN GERMANY WILL SEE A SLOWDOWN IN ALL AREAS OF GROWTH."
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