April 4th, 2013


Last night I had a long, lengthy dream of a giant, super-store. I walked around and sometimes worked at this monster store. It was a massive grocery store that had everything inside it. Furniture, plant shops, everything. I explored the massive structure from front to back. It was the largest grocery store I had evr seen. Before this however, me and my friend Michelle Sanjanko who works at The Bay in real life went walking through the skeleton frameworks of the giant mall. I saw that it was to built on the side of the river. It had a centre triangular opening. I said to my friend, "Just think we are walking over all kinds of products that will be here soon." That's when the dream changed into me walking through the super store that was now filled shoppers and products. It was very much a WHOLESALE STORE. Based on this long, vivid dream, I will predict that there are corporations planning to build massive new Wholesale Super-stores. As the dream was ending however I began to see images of nuclear explosions. So this may help narrow down where the Super-Store[s] are being planned; Iran, Israel, Japan, or South Korea. ////// A few nights ago I dreamt of tunneling through doorways in a long underground like mini-mall. I arrived at a thin, mirror. I pushed on it and went through the mirror into a plasma storm of golden particles. The gold storm was intense. Therefore I predict that Gold Prices are going to suddenly, surprisingly jump 30 to 40 dollars on the discovery news of finding new treasures. ///// Two nights ago I dreamt I was at the top of a high sky-scrapper when a massive super wind storm appeared. The storm seemed to last forever, and we were afraid that the tower was going to fall over due to the high winds. Based on this dream I predict a rash of tornadoes and Hurricane strength super-winds to hit a major city.
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    PLAZA- by John Foxx.