April 12th, 2013

Dream of North-West Planetary-Star Alignment Premonition.

Two nights ago I dreampt I was working at the Coop Grocery store on 8th Street. I was collecting carts before the store closes. When I noticed some bright stars in the north west. I could see the bright alignment through the trees. It looked like a combination of large planets, and bright stars. They were all in a straight, vertical line. As I walked toward it I saw a large glowing spider web over some trees, over the entrance of an alley. Then another large glowing web covering a large pile of junk laying around in the parking lot. I went over to pick the webs off.
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    Strange Advance- Til the Stars Fall from the Sky.

Jim the Merovingian; Signs of the True, and Real; Vampire Dreams.

There are many, far to many people, some of high places in High Orders who claim to be of special bloodline. However they do not show any of the signs of the Mythos that surrounds the Sacred Bloodlines. I however beyond my ancient family names am the exception. Beyond the fact that for many years, long before the sensation of the Da Vinci Code, I wrote hundreds of pages concerning E.T. environments, the lives of various forms or species of Fairie. I had written a lot about Atlantis, Lemuria, and the Gods of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Meso-America. I've had numerous dreams of being abducted by E.T.'s, having Alien surgery's, dreams of psychic premonitions. Now I feel it is time to tell you of my VAMPIRE DREAMS. You may well know of my endless blogs of FLYING DREAMS, but the part I left out on was the fact that I have had numerous dreams through out the years of floating through malls, and lounges in search of women. Usually they would be in beauty salons, or drinking with friends. Suddenly they will look at me, smile, and I walk over to touch them. All I have to do is touch their face, or their arm and they are seduced. They WILLINGLY have sex with me. I drain them of all their sexual power.They seem thankful, grateful to me afterwards. Ok, so it is an alpha male thing, haha.
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    Concrete Blond- Bloodletting album.