April 15th, 2013

Successful wheat Promoniiton> PREMONITIONS for 2013 SUMMER.

On my Facebook wall I said more than once that I saw wheat as an investment opportunity. The U.S. just gave STUDENTS at a University 1.3 million to research a wheat in Peru known as Quinoa. It s being highly researched now for its potential in feeding the world. //// Within six weeks I see an assassination attempt on the life of the CEO of the N.R.A. //// I am shown another mass Native uprising against the Government. //// I am shown a mass uprising of Arab peoples due to a Blasphemous event, a burning of the holy Koran, and/or a cartoon. I am shown disrespect for the Qu'ran [within two months]. //// I am shown INDIA and Micro-Asia first and second G.D.P. quarters being highly successful in growth. //// I am shown a terrorist attack being planned within two months in the United States. They will buy their weapons from gun shows. //// I am shown a new brand of computer processor. It is ten times faster than present computers. It will be unveiled within a couple of weeks. But will take a couple of years to introduce to modern computers markets. Canada makes a new, massive deal with Central, and South America in regards to potash and wheat.
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