April 18th, 2013

Successful Dream Invitiation-Premonition of a Planet-Star Alignment in the Northwest. 30TH EPIC POEM

Yesterday I was searching through a website that I belong to, called NEW WORLD ILLUMINATI'S. There a posting of Astronomy-Astrology EVENTS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN in 2013.I noticed that of the posts was called "Dance of the Planets." I saw that it was set for May 24th-to the 29th. I remembered the dream I had , and blogged on APRIL 12. I now feel the dream was an invitation to the Dance. Prior to finding the planetary alignment, I had searched Google and asked friends in Astrology on Facebook if they had any idea of an up and coming Planetary Alignment. I had found nothing. But yes, on May 24 to 29th, Venus, Jupitar, Mercury, and a star called Elnath will all be seen in a dance on the NORTHWEST horizon, as I had seen it in the dream. Thank you to my Spider friends [in the dream i had] for ther invitation. ////// I found an old epic poem early yesterday morning on my old 1998 Windows computer. I re-wrote it and edited it later that day. It is called THE SOMA SUTRA. iT IS ABOUT THE gODS OF INDIA. It is 30 pages long, and is my 30th or so epic poem.
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