April 20th, 2013

Alien -Gray Dream./ Another Successful Premonition of a U.S. Terrorist Attack.

The other night I dreampt of shaking hands with a Grey-Alien type. I saw two of them in a dream. They came out of hidding in the dream after I managed to turn my eyes quickly and see one of them darting behind a wall. Then they came out. I was startled at first. Then took a deep breath, collected myself quickly and shook the hand of one of the Aliens. ////// On Wednesday I made a blog, dated April 17, of a strong feeling more terrorism. I quote. ' I feel the worst is yet to come for the U.S. I FEEL STRONGLY that there will be a terrorist attack on A FAR MORE MASSIVE SCALE.'
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I skryed why it is that seemingly "good people" turn suddenly terrorist. I saw that at a young age, youngsters who are set to leave for America, are brainwashed at an early age to hate America with great vengence. This 'suggestion' is giving to them at this early age. The 'suggestion' is given a time date on which to reawaken. Something like. "We have told you what Americans are really like. At 'such and such a time' you will reawake the hatred inside you." They can then live relitivly normal lives for the first few years inside America, then, at a certain age, say 20, their unconscious command will reawaken the intense hatred for Americans.
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The United States history is based on centuries of hatred of black people. It was not until the late 1960's that the black people began to recieve their Rights. Suddenly a few years ago a Black President of the UNITED STATES is elected. Psychic shock waves resound throughout the U.S., specially in the very haunted battle fields of the CIVIL WAR. A war thatis still ongoning according to many Ghost Hunting investigations, specially in Penn State. A black President has in my theories of study in the Paranormal awakened a very massive negative energy throughout the EASTERN SIDE of the U.S. This began five years ago. Since then, Negative energies have been playing on the weak minds of indiviguals more prone to violence than others.
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