April 26th, 2013

Dream of Dead Friends; Dreams of Sarah Jessica Parker as a VAMPIRE;

Last night I had long, and lenthy dream of my brother, and his ex-girl friends sister. Both of whom are passed away. Also in the dream was my brothers ex-girlfriend, my mom, and a couple of other people. It started off with us making coffee together in the morning. Then we were sitting in a living room of somebodies house, where we all started drinking. I had the feeling I was in the past. I remember saying to myself that 'I was in the past, reliving the life that should have been'. I remember walking to a large vase under a table. It caught my eye because it had large chicken eggs in it. I looked closer at it and it was filled with smaller eggs, all strung together by what looked like grape vines. Then we moved to a sitting area outside of a bar that I felt like was in New Orleans. I looked behind me to see Sarah Jessica Parker with girl friends sitting down at a table right behind us. We were seperated by a class. I got up, remembering the last dream I had of her, and what I said to her then. I walked into the lounge, and asked everyone who ever can tell me what day it is, I will tell them a secret. Everyone held up their hands, and I picked Sarah to tell me the date. She said it was April 25th. I then went up to her and told her she was going to play the role of a vampire type in a movie. Then I turned to my brother, and others sitting at a table behind me, Sarah disappeared in the dream, and I focused on drinking shooters with my brother. In a dream a few nights before I dreampt I met a friend and we went to his house to drink. He brought a couple of friends with him. We all entered the house that turned into a mansion of many, many small rooms. Each room I walked through had all the luxuries I ever wanted. Beautiful, expensive, designed rooms, with plates of food for guests to eat. A movie theatre, several refrigerators filled with expensive liquir bottles. After drinking with people at a table in a main kitchen, we all walked upsatirs. Everybody went their sperate ways, and I saw Sarah Jessica Parker sitting on a seat by herself. I went to her, everyone was highly intoxicated. We had wild sex. Afterward I felt that she was to play a vampire in a movie, or t.v. show. But I remember saying this to myself in the dream.
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