May 4th, 2013

SUCCESSFUL PREMONTION # 20 > Israel Prevents Missle Attack.

In my Wednesday the 24th, of April blog I warned of an attack against Israel. On Thursady, May 2nd, Israel launched a massive attack against a large shipment of missles, from Iran, bound for Hezballah, in Syria. ///// New, updated List of Successful Premonitions is going to be posted in a couple of days on my website. It is the SIXTH UPDATE. This premonition happened after the List was sent, so it will not appear on the List, but will appear in the SEVENTH UPDATE in the late fall.
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Early this morning, when my mother woke me up the first time, I remembered dreaming I was walking inside a complex with a team. We were talking about walking back through a 'Screen' to go back, or forwrad in time to fix the timelines. I've had this dream several times already. I remember we got to the Screen, and I walked through it. The team somehow got lost due to a power surge as they were trying to to get through. I talked with an engineer friend on the other side and asked how I can get to them, and save them. He said he could not return me to my proper time for a couple of days. I said that was unexceptable. We managed to find my friends stuck in a sub-world. I said I was going through to get them, and we would find a way out from there. He placed a thick grease all over my face and chest said to protect me from the experience of going through the screen. I slowly put my head into the screen first, then slowly fell forward. I fell into a plasma. It felt thick, and heavy with electricity and magnetic smells. Then I was in the sub-world, and I found one of the girls of my team. She looked like the girl singer for the pop-rock Trance Dance group FLUKE. I will place another such dream down on my blog later. It was writen down over six weeks ago.  
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