May 17th, 2013


On my Livejournal Blog entry of MONDAY, APRIL, 15, 2013, titled ,"Premonitions for 2013 Summer." I predicted the vision of a new super computer that would be "unveiled within a couple of weeks."  Today it was announced that GOOGLE bought from a B.C. FIRM [called D-WAVE SYSTEMS]  anew super computer that is now working at a NASA lab. The computer is a 1,000 times faster than anything on the market today. The computer is a Quantum Computer, called D WAVE 2. //////// About three or four days ago I dreampt of being woken up by a young girl pulling at my thin bed sheet that had been over my head. She kept pulling, then pushing herself aginst me. We both giggled. I got up and there was another woman with me. It had all suddenly changed to me and this woman being investigators. We could see the little girl, but we agreed she was about 7 or 9 years of age. She told us that she was murdered in this room; a bedroom. That she was murdered in 1954. We were surprised to get a date from her. we tried to ask her more questions as she sat on a couch [we could see the couch moving as if she was on it.], but she was afraid to bad back to that memory. End of dream.
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