May 18th, 2013

WEIRD OMENS for a an ANNIVERSARY of a Brutal Unsolved MURDER: A Murder Suspect Identified.

I think I might know the I.D. of a possible SERIAL KILLER, and / or the murderer of ALEXANDRA WIWCHARUK. He's initials are E.F. This is after I met the person at large house. The house appears to be a farm house, as it appeared out of another dream in which my mother was baking a feast for many people at her home. I am shown a large living room that has a large, massive front window. It is covered by heavy white drapes. It is night, and MR.E is preparing to met a land agent of some kind. I am getting feelings that murders have taken place in the house. I am feeling evil in the basement. I've been in that basement before, I know it. My niece comes along and goes down stairs. She screams in horror! I go to see her as she is running up the steps. She tells me, what I already know. There is a demon down there, "it's body and face was all bloody." she told me. She is no longer in the dream as I walk back to the living room. E. F. [And I am certain this is the person in the dream] appears unprepared to harm me. Instead, he is waiting for an land agent to come pick him up. He smiles, leans over and offers me a gift. It is a Ukrainian decorated egg. Its red, with gold Ukrainian style decoration. Inside the egg is a clock of some type. The clock turns inside and show s a seal of white, with some kind of writing inside. It looked like the seal of some kind of MYSTIC ORDER. He leaves for the car that is now waiting outside. I begin to explore his house, but here is where the dream ends. I wake up to the sound of Geese just outside my window. That is highly unusual. I look outside and it looks like a goose is about to crash into my window. But it flies and sits on top of the building. For the past 17 years that I have lived here at this apartment, this has never happened before. Adding that just before I had this dream of E.F. I woke to use the washroom. It was ten to seven A.M.  I fell back to sleep, had the dream and woke up to see the time was ten minutes to seven. This is really, really weird. And I take it as a sign that my dream I.D. is correct. He looks exactly like the serial killer I have dreamed of before. See the blog entry of Monday, January, 14, 2013.
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