June 4th, 2013

OMENS > SUPER SPIRIT VISIATION.> Heat Wave Premonitions.

Last night I as I was preparing for bed, I kept seeing faint images of orbs passing slowly by. I felt the sudden presence of hundreds, if not thousands of souls. I have had these visitations before. And I have learned to pay attension to them. I felt safe, and peaceful throughout the following experience, but also seriousness of the visit. It was an omen. I sat at the foot of my bed in the dark. I watched the hundreds of tiny, faint lights. I again felt safe, and that it was dark to disquise its light that I knew would frighten me. I felt comforatable sitting across from the entity.  The thousands of lights swarmed around the Being, in kindness, and friendship, not pain, or fear. I asked the Entity what it was I could do for it. "What is the vision tyou have for me?" Something like that. I got a vision of a round sun like circle. Another sun circle moved away from it. Two suns circles now. This is an omen of a great, horrible loss of life to come very soon. Nothing less than thousands of souls. I believe the message is that these people are in God's hands, and that they are safe, to know this when the tragedy happens. Massive heatwaves, earthquakes wihtin the next few days. Judging by the basic vision of a sun moving out of another sun, I left to try and predict the image's meaning as taking place in a location that is famous for its SUN SIGNS. This maybe a massive earthqauke, or volcanic disaster in Central America. But I did get a strong vision of this being a massive HEAT WAVE. I was not given a date for this up and coming disaster. But I sense horrible heat waves beginning within a week in RUSSIA, INDIA, and WESTERN to CeNTRAL UNITED STATES. I sense that the East Indian Goddess known as KALI is upset with the constant reports of rape against women in India. Women are sacred to KALI, specially virgins. And I have felt the message of a deadly heat wave of 51 degrees above zero weather for weeks. The Creator-Holy Spirit is also upset with Russia for its support of evil dicatorships, it will also experence deadly heatwaves beginning within a week and a half. I also saw what looked like meteorites, or missles flying across the twin suns of my vision last night. The objects were flying downward. This may indicate a heighted concern / war of missles, in the middle summer when the sun is very, very hot.
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VISIONS of the BUDDHA NOTHINGNESS.: Vision of the Planetary Astral Nursery.

While watching a T.V. show last night, "Real Housewives of Vancouver," my favorite out of the series, when a commercial about Cambodia, I think appeared. In the commercial was a picture of a lotus flower. I suddenly lite up like a Christmas tree having realized something all at once. A vision-message. The the second image in the commercial of a Buddha Stupa, Sacred Shine. I received another vision-message. In the first vision, I visualized in my head, objects, any object as being a lotus flower in bloom. Once the object, whatever it might be, anything, is finished manifesting itself in what ever way it will manifest, it closes up and disappears, as gently, and beautifully as the Lotus Flower. It was like I suddenly realized how are things are transitory, changeable, always changing, just like the Soul, always growing, evolving, merging into larger entities of super souls. Everything, T.V.'s, couches, buildings, structures, computers, are like Lotus Flowers of Divine Fire energy. All things are in motion to grow, open, manifest, close and return to the Great Dream of Brahma. The second vision last night, or shall I say the third, was of a Buddhist Stupa. I visualized in that instant a house, or a fancy new sports car being placed at the base of the golden, bell shaped Stupa. I then saw the object move its way upward getting smaller, and smaller as it dissolved at the top of the tall, bottle neck tower, where the object returned to Nothingness. I gave thanks to the Buddha for showing me these understandings. /////// The vision of a massive group of souls, orbs, last night reminded me of when I had a vision of sky. It was a few years ago, but it maybe reminded here again. I saw the sky filled with millions of large sac, plasma like bubbles, or orbs. They all looked like an egg inside a glowing pink, embryo. I saw cords connecting each one. I saw a thick field of aura's surrounding the mass of embryo's. With the help of a friend I later realized that I seen the billions of souls that are waiting for entry into the world.
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