June 18th, 2013

NIGHTMARES of the DEVIL, and a House Filled With Dead Bodies; 1135 Ave L. South.

Maybe its the movies I've been watching. Or maybe the music Ive been listening to. But Ive have some very serious nightmares lately. Just the other night I had a lengthy dream of the FBI coming over to my childhood home of 1135 Ave L. South. They talked to me, as they entered the house and set up their equipment about reason to to believe there were dead bodies buried in the basement. As they scanned the cement for shallow graves I helped them, but telling them where to look. WHERE TO LOOK BASED ON MANY OTHER NIGHTMARES OF THE SAME HOUSE AND BASEMENT. Each of the four locations I told them about were based on prior dreams. I said that in the South corner of the basement was a mysterious well. They opened it up and found three corpses of three women all murdered at the same time in the 50's. Then I told them of the North direction wall where in many of my dreams I was disturbed by a large crack in the wall. They found bodies there too, after beginning in cement cracking equipment. I told them about the crack at the West end of the house where the real well of the house once stood, over my real life bedroom. And again of the location near the stairs leading down to the basement. They ripped up the whole basement, and found several bodies. I was shown their photos before they were murdered. I was told that a serial killer with a name like CLAW-FORD, once lived in this house before us. He murdered several women and children in the 1950's and 60's. One of them was Alexandra Wiwcharuk. >>>>  In real life, me, and two of my best friends at the time, a few years ago visited the house where I used to live; 1135 Ave L. South. Me, Stacey Piinkerton, who lived right next door to me at that time, and Wesley K. heard the story of a man we talked to that night. He was now living in the house Stacey once lived in. He told me that the house was haunted and nobody could live there very long. One family found a dead body in a plastic bag hidden in the basement wall after doing renovations. The body was found in the wall where my bedroom had been. He said the house was known by the neighbors as being very haunted. The people living there saw things, heard the toilet flush by itself, the fridge open and close by itself. Taps going on and off. Steps on the stairs. It was a lot like the other haunted house I grow up in on Ave N. South, less than a block from my elementary school of St. John Bosco. The house at 1135 Ave L. South was torn down a few years ago. The man we spoke too said he owned the property that was now fenced in, and that they were going to build a new house there. I suppose that when I die I will be haunting this location forever. I've had so many dreams of this location, so many nightmares of ghosts and dead people found there. Oh well, if I am to spend eternity in hell, it might as well be familiar. ////// On Friday nigh the 14th of June t I dreamt of fighting the devil. I was in a Catholic type church filled with rooms at the back, and numerous staircases on either side. I sneaked my way into the back of the church were there were many rooms. I saw a demon that saw me. I managed to hypnotise the creature into not saying anything. It was listening to the devil speak to it. I saw the devil in all its classic image from a reflection in a window. I managed to steal something, I think it was a wooden idol, and sabotage something near by when the alarms went off and the devil began chasing me up and down all the stairways. Eventually I could not outrun him. I was caught. The devil took possession of the idol. Then poured acid over my melting soul. But I survived. As the devil ranted on about his victory I somehow gained strength from him, enough to escape. I ran into a warehouse of pawned items. At a bottom shelf I saw a large pile of wooden idols of various size's. I took the familiar wooden idol that I had before explaining to someone behind me that if all the wooden idols in the boxes were pieced together, like a jig saw puzzle they would create a creature. The dream fades away into another dream that seems to be a prequel to this one. In this dream I enter a bar where I try to warn a waitress not to go to a certain place at a certain time with a certain item. That the devil would be there to kill her and steal the item for himself.  
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