June 24th, 2013

Dream of Lilith the Vampire Queen; A Nightmare of a Beast.

Early Saturday morning, the 21st of June, I dreamt of being in a house where I felt at home. I was brought there by some Blond haired woman. She was beautiful, about 40 years old. She kept talking to me, convincing me of something but I can remember what it was. The more I was with her the more strange I felt. The dream might have been brought on by seeing some of the movie THE HUNGER the night before. I feel apart of her and her friends in the house. I feel happy being apart of their group. Suddenly I am walking to a kitchen where I feel dizzy. I was feeling like a vampire in wanting of something. They treated me as if I had already been a vampire for a long time. That's how I was feeling. In the kitchen I was told to sit down by the woman. She said it was time for my feeding. My first I think. I remember feeling something in my gums, my teeth aching. I began placing my long, front teeth on the rim of a glass jar.  Now that I think back, it was like a poisonous snake being drained of its poison. The naked woman was preparing something she took from a fridge. She placed a substance in a needle. She sat next to me, I felt helpless, and needing of her. She plunged the needle into my right cheek. I remember feeling the liquids go down my throat. After she took it out I remember feeling as if I was really , really there. I said "Is this real. This is real isn't it? This is so real. I'm really here." "Yes. "She replied. "This is real." I felt utopia. She showed her vampire teeth as a another woman was suddenly beside her. She looked exactly like the woman, perhaps a twin, but her hair was black, and she was dressed all in black. The woman who I now call Lilith said to me, "This is just the beginning. I will be with you from now on. To feed you, and you to feed me." I was overjoyed. I kissed her naked body as I went down on my knees., kissing her breast which had a single, long hair at her nipple. Then I kissed her belly.  I swore my loyalty to her. And she gave me a gift that at first looked like the human jaws. Then it morphed several times into a skull, then a pair of small Moose horns, deer horns, antlers, then a skull with wings. I woke up as I placed the object on a table. I felt sleepy in the dream, and went into a room for a sleep. I apologize to my audience of none who might read this, but I must face my fears by writing about their true nature. In the dream i am sleeping when all of a sudden I feel a finger, or object trying to poke into my right side against my ribs. I reached out my hand to feel around and felt the arm of a man, or a beast. It was all hairy, and very strong. It kept on trying to push something into my side. I began to cry out in an orgasm. I was loving it. I tried to look to see its face, and as I saw a blank, blurry image I heard an animal like sound crying out. It began to slap its tongue in a wild craze at my face, and I got mad. Saying to it, as it disappeared that I didn't mind it, I did not like the tongue attacking me. This is where I woke up in real life. I remember feeling happy. Joyous. That I was apart of something important. I felt loved. I wanted to go back there. In in deed over the past couple days I having sleeping a lot hopping desperately to see the vampire woman again.
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