June 25th, 2013


The following is a series of lengthy dreams I have had over the past two years. I wrote the dreams on on paper, with illustrations back in January 20th, but I just got around to it now. I choose to write it out now since I had another dream of this type just the other day. The following is all from notes I made..... In the main phase of the dream which is always the same I find a green, jade plasma screen like box. My head enters the T.V. screen. I am instantly in a tube filled with water when I enter the other side. I am in a small, tight, tanning booth, like a tube. I see electronics light up around me. Now it feels like a tight submarine. Now I am angry because I am trying to get back to my original world. I'm stuck in this other world. Sometimes in some of these dreams I flip back and forth between passing through a screen, and being in a tube. Finally like Schrodinger's Cat a choice is made for me between the two destinations. I slide down the tube like submarine into an open factory. I role along on this conveyor belt. The factory is is filled with machines, as I go down winding belts. The conveyor belt leads to either a thick, dark Walmart like super store, warehouse, or through the top level of the Down Town Sears in the Mid-Town Plaza. In the Sears part of the dream i am walking through thick decorations and display's of furniture. It feel like I am gliding, floating. I get to another submarine like tube, water slide and slide down to the main floor. Sometimes I will just walk into an elevator that is broken, and I am sent flying upward, or downward, fearing it is going to crash. I usually make it out safely. Most often in these dreams I am in a tube like submarine in the dark. I'm trying to fix the plasma unit, screen so I can get back to my normal side of reality. Suddenly I am up walking down a set of stairs to a basement, or the dark bedroom of a house that is filled with many rooms and corridors. I go explore the rooms, it is the Dry-Out Centre for addicts that I have come used to in seeing in other dreams. I am i a house with mental patients. As a patient I can stay for three weeks. I met friends there who are later gone when I return in a new dream. I feel sad, missing them. Often the basement of rooms turns into a house filled with family members. I walk upstairs to be with my father, aunts, and cousins. //////// In other video like dreams I am playing a video game in an arcade. I get so involved with the game which is always something like Galaga [ the old Atari based game ] that I feel literally inside. Then eventually someone asks me questions and I start to fade back out of the game. /////// In more resent dreams I am walking through a warehouse jungle of glass objects when me and my team of explorers come to a large, man sized T.V. screen. We all walk through the screen into another world. I am lost on the other side. I say by the screen and try to figure out a channel to get back through.
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