June 26th, 2013


Flash Mob, Youtube Vital, and Apps, are just some of the buzz words of today's World Wide Web. A couple of examples that we as a species have indeed become a Global Village. Web networks and camera are everywhere, specially on the hundreds of millions of mobile computer devices. Just as our Global Eye, of our Global Village has grown exponentially, so has the worlds pollutions. We now have 7 billion people on the planet. How is this possible? When we think of all the billions of tons of carbon pollutions in the air, the hundreds of atomic tests that took place above ground, the millions of monster waste dumps, now as big as most major city's themselves. Massive disasters that affect the world, like the Japan Earthquake, or the Gulf Oil Spill now pollute our world with major tonnage of toxins. The industrial age of pollution began 200 years ago in England. Billions of factories have pumping billions of tonnes of toxins into the world for nearly 75 years. Our oceans are becoming giant plastic bubbles, with huge islands of plastic floating unchecked. In the main time tens of millions of addicts are snorting, sniffing and smoking conglomerate house hold cleaning products. As of now, and as of a couple of decades ago, there is no such thing as any place on earth that is not, now polluted. All of us eat, and drink artificial chemicals that exist most foods today. We live in toxic manufactured furniture, such as rugs, chairs, sofa's, couches, bed sheets, bed mattresses. Our furniture gives off just as much toxins as the plastic toys we give our children to play with. The point of all this is we live a toxic society that is only going to become more toxic minute by minute. Specially when we count all the E.M.F.'s we subject ourselves to everyday.  Our world wide, global village behaviors place us in the league of insects. Here i speak of our collective telecommunications networks mimicking the mammal like behavior of say, an army of ants. However we are like wasps, and hornets, and killer bees, swarming around ourselves in a whirlpool of information, even if we don't need it, or want it. Artificial chemicals in our foods, car exhaust, carbon release, electromagnetic fields, we now live a soup of toxicity. But how have we survived it? How has live on earth continued to survive and thrive? What powers in our collective gene pool gave us the ability to with stand such onslaughts? Its almost as if our genetics were pre-designed to adjust. This pre-destined level of tolerance in our gene pool maybe the result of the cause; mathematics. THE MANDELOSPHERE is a theory I developed some decades ago. It is a simple concept, one as ancient as the mind itself. Simply that there is a Mandela like symmetric field of geometry around the atmosphere of the earth. The depth of this field can be measured by the depth of life force on the earth. The earth exists in, and was made from a super geometric super grid of pure mathematics. It is what allowed for the several types of Hominids of ape / man variety to evolve into the Sapiens, Sapiens we are now. The genes that made us human were made by billions of years of cycles of circadian rhythms, in an intense geometric super grid of pure mathematical fields. This super grid lattice involves the perfect distances, and gravities of the whole solar system. The more the planets and moons turn, the more entwined we become with the perfect geometry. Ever since the dawn of the human mind we have been fascinated with circles. From Stupa's in India, to the first Ford automobile factory, we have over the past 1,000 years specially, we have continuously woven ourselves in cocoons of telecommunication and wheel based technologies. We are becoming hybrid beings. Our toxicity levels of tolerance to endless toxins is also evolving. Through our cancers and diseases we are evolving our technologies to cure. Through nano-technology, cloning, and genetic engineering, we are evolving in a natural selection of our own creation. Through these means we will be able to mass produce all our products eons beyond the supposed limits of our finite world. The cost will be great. It will be toxic. But toxic to what level of tolerance? For example, super bugs, and common house hold ants are becoming more and more resistant to pesticides, why at some level would that not be the same for us? I believe it is. How else could anyone, let alone hundreds of millions of people survive the daily use of Crystal Meth for years at a time. At the dawn of the industrial revolution in England going global crop circles from some unknown source began to make its marks in the canola fields. Geometric grids in the fields? I wonder what that means? We will survive and thrive from our pollutions, and toxins as they, like us grow into our advancing technologies. Already NASA has created purely artificial meat-proteins. All across Canada people are buying cloned meats without their knowledge. Soon, our water, and air will be as artificial as the foods we already eat everyday. We are , we will continue to evolve into toxicity tolerant beings, hybrid beings. Spiritual Beings having Toxicity experiences. We are Souls of Light, made from Light, learning to harness Light, cocooning ourselves in brighter Light. By Light we are evolving by our own Creative Evolution. We are Light Beings, Light Bringers. We are becoming more beautiful, more creative, and more immortal.
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