July 2nd, 2013


On my blog of June 4th, 2013, called Omens-Super Sprit Visitation I predicted very powerful heatwaves for the West and Central United States. "And I felt the message of a deadly heatwave of 51 degrees celcius," In the U.S. Western United States is about to be the hottest place on earth, breaking all time heat wave records. ///// From June 19 to June 24, Israel and the Gaza Strip exchanged a large number of missle missle attacks.
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Planetary, and Human Terraforming for an E.T. Culture; TOXICITY TOLERANCE part two.

Toxins in our make up products, hair products. Toxins in our carpets, cloths, beds sheets, and furnifure. Toxins in our foods and water. Conspiracy Theories concerning Com Trails of toxins being released from airplanes have grown in size and voice, from a small grasasroots theory to a world wide Conspiracy Phenomena. This blog is inspired from a conversation, well a few conversations with my friend Michelle. I told her my theory that the Secret Governments are working along side E.T. from other planets and Dimensions to control the weather, and terraform the planet closer to their needs. That they are doing this, spraying the populations so that we ARE NOT TOXIC TO THEM. We are all hard at work terraforming our planet, as well as ourselves, genetically, and socially. We are becoming, in my opinion, a World Wide Web, A GLobal Village in preparation to hosting other life forms from other worlds and dimensions. I also point to the deserts of the Middle East, Bahrain, Dubai. where massive skyscrappers, and super malls with intense moral and ethical laws are sprouting out, and upward. It is all to host just humans? Bahrain island was the home of the Anunnaki Creator God ENKI. If Reptilian like species of higher intelligence than humans exist, then places like Nevada U.S. and Dubai would be ideal locations.
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