July 23rd, 2013

Successful Vision / Premonition of a Major Black Out. / Booklet for Mystery School.

On my Facebook status wall I wrote of a vision / premonition. Here is what I wrote on that day the 18th of July, Thursday. ""This morning I saw an Omen. Two very large crows sitting on a power pole. They were crowing like crazy all early morning. So I finally got up and looked at them. They stopped crowing for the rest of the duration they were there. It was an errie feeling. Based on this, I recieved that there will be a very wide spread, power outage, or series of distruption concerning power supply within the next two days. ""  On late Friday the 19th, a powerful storm system blew through Southern Ontario and Quebec knocking out power to more than 300,000 people. That same day a nuclear power plant in the States had to shut down due to a heat wave. ////// For my Ancient Mystery School, I now have nearly a hundred illustrations, over six large, brissle board illustrations, and a 75 page [single line written] CD document file booklet. The booklet is intensive in its explainations of the various topics of the School. I just found the document the other day. I had forgotten that I had written it some time ago.
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