July 31st, 2013

Successful Solar Blast Premonition; Anunnaki, Lemuria, Levity, Nibiru, Angels: All Rights Reserved.

On My JUNE 4TH, 2013 BLOG, I wrote of a massive spirit vistation. In the visitation I was shown a sun, and then a second sun moving out of the first. On july 30 we were all reminded of a super massive Solar Blast that has left ONE FULL QUATER of the SUN bare, and black. The solar blast is heading our way, but so far there have been no affects. The Solar Blast is the size of several hundred earth's. The biggest Solar Blast seen, facing earth, in many years. I have never in my life seen such an event, nor have I ever heard of one, ever ! ///////// Michael Tellinger, the author of Slave Speices of the Gods is right on in many of his theories that I myself believe. However his ideas of the ANUNNAKI are short sighted and small. We are not talking about a small band of aliens. We are talking about a Species of Light Beings who in my opinion CREATED THE SOLAR SYSTEM, AND EARTH, ARTIFICALLY. !!!! WE, like the Solar System is THEIR CREATION. wE HAVE ONLY TO LOOK AT THE INFINITE MATHEMATICAL perfections of gravity producing life on earth. The Light Beings created the DNA pools of earth from their Light Technologies, and the mathematical gravity perfections of the Solar System. As I will later demonstrate from the writings of Zecharia Stichin, the Anunnaki constructed millions of clone hybrid factories throughout South Africa. They were used to create the first Homo Sapiens from hybrid species already on the planet. Later, these same factory systems would used to melt down precious metels, and expose them to high frequencies for the use of generating Levity. Since the first 120,000 years of human-alien species were known as the Ages of Mu-Lemuria-Attantis. These were Levity Ages. Atlantis being the weakest of the levity ages, meaning that the properties of Levity were at their weakest, as our Creators continued to retire from us. The last Great Flood destroyed all technologies of Levity that might have remained, as the Gods took their leave. At the dawn of MU, at the edge of South Africa, mankind was being cloned in hybrid sacs, much like the kind seen in the science fiction series RESIDENT EVIL, and ALIENS. I will quote Zecharia Stitchin at the end of this blog concerning these , millions of hybrid tanks now found scattered throughout Africa. Why were we made on earth in such a way, and not on board NIBIRU? The answer is simply that our DNA would only work if fused in earth's gravity, specially since we were hybrids of the various ape-men species already on the planet. Skipping through many thousands of years, the earth was a giant harvesting field, and farm for numerous E.T. species. The the fields were harvested for the Aliens, and human to share, as Gold was platted in mass production. Millions of tonnes of gold was flatted into wafer thin plates for the thousands of "stone" cities that litered the Energy Grid Works of the planet. This was the Age of Lemuria-Atlantis. Atlantis was not just a city, it was a world wide state of Levity. In many ancient "stone" cities found today, there are numerous "T" Sshaped joints found in the massive stone works. These joints were used to clamp the gold plates against the smooth sides of the "stone" cities. The stone circles of Europe healped in rasing vibrations of both consciousness, and rock. During the early years before the age of MU, approx, 100,000 years ago the Anunnaki created the NEPHILLIM-Giants. These were the overseers, or WATCHERS of the so called "slave species; the guards of order [MAAT] if you will. As man advanced, so did his seven deadly SINS. The GENETIC INHERITANCE OF THE FAMILY OF SIN. A genetic marker placed into our genes by the Anunnaki family known as SIN. This is the origin of sin. It was the Family of Sin, Nammu Sin, and others who wanted to kep mankand as slaves. Anu, and the other Gods of the Assembly choose to free us. Marduk, mankinds first WORLD SAVIOUR, defeated the Family of Sin. Mankind was too corrupt to continue direct communication with their Creators. They left, destoying all the technology on their way out. Atlantis, was leveled by volcanoes and earthquakes. The survivors returned to the remaining colonies to re-educate the peoples. Later, much, much later, the Catholic Church would demonize all these God like figures of education. There are numerous accounts of White beared, Red haired men with great knowledge who educated the Native Peoples of North America, specially along the Pacific Coastlines. Skipping ahaead a little again, making very long stories short, the Family of Sin, of whom there were thousands of members became the so called "Fallen Angels," who had rebelled against ANU, and ENKI. The worlds religions are filled with accounts of battles in the air by flying ships made of fire. As I will quote later, Marduk, the LOGOS WORLD SAVIOUR who has incarnated on earth many times, as many WORLD SAVIOUR TYPES, was given authority over humanity. In essence, Marduk is the Resurrected Christ, as much as he was / is Mithra, Attis, Horus, Osiris, and Vishnu. NIBIRU IS NOT A PLANET OR A SYSTEM. It is what we would identify as a  PLANE OF ASTRAL. A giant, super sized space station the size of the Solar System itself. This planet is first visited, and described clearly in the BOOK OF ENOCH, by ENOCH. Where in he describes the BEINGS OF LIGHT in Their true image: SUPERNATURALLY MASSIVE ANGELS. !!!! The gold platting of MU0LEMURIA and Atlantis was also designed to help protect the people from the Gods Light, which in numerous accounts around the world, was said to burn the people. THIS SHORT BLOG IS HEREBY COPYRIGHT of JIM EDWARD LUCIER; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. !!!!!
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