August 2nd, 2013

The PLASMA-FETUS-SAC-BATHS of the South African Stone Circles- Cloning Factories of the Anunnaki.

Who knows exactly when, but somewhere between 300,000 years ago, and 100,000 years, a giant super sized mother ship, the size of half a continuent, slowly descended upon the South African plains. The mission? To clone a massive army of slaves to mine gold. But that wasn't the only reason. The greater reason in making homo sapian, sapians was the many thousands of years of experiments they would undertake with us. At this point, we did not yet, have souls. That would come later, when ENKI, and NINTI of the Anunnaki would open the genetic gates in us, to allow for a soul to enter our physical bodies. But we are jumping ahead of the story. In South Africa there exists hundreds of millions of complicated stone structures. Many of them have high amounts of geometric patterns. Judging by all the photos I can find concerning the stone circle clusters, it is in my opinion that the circles were formed by a high intensity field [s] generated by the mother ship. Judging by the limited pictures that do not show any close ups of the structures, it appears as if the stones were magnetic drawn to the places they are now, making the stone circles as an after affect of very powerful attraction fields. In either case, it is in my personally opinion, based also on the work of Mr. Michael Tellinger, that the stone circles were plasma baths. Plasma baths, used to grow human beings. These baths were made on earth for the purpose of fusing the genetic materials of the ape-man, and the new DNA of the Anunnaki. In one book THE 12TH PLANET by Zecharia Stichin, Stichin unknowingly makes several quotes form the Sumerian texts that can be interpreted to show the THE GODS OF LIGHT making the human slave species out of plasma baths. It appears that the technologies of the Gods of Light operate by voice command. That is the technology literally molds itself into the words, [vibrational frequencies] spoken. Here, as in most quotes, the thick, plasma baths are described as "clay". Here is an example of that. From the 12 PLANET, "The god who purifies Ea, spoke up. Seated before her, he was prompting her. After she had recited her incantation, she put her hand out to the clay."  Here is an example of modern day scientific knowledge of MITOSIS, or cell division and DNA instruction. In the plasma bath, "Ninti nipped off fourteen pieces of clay.
Seven she deposited on the right, seven she desposited on the left, between them she placed the mould."  There are several references to plasma sac-like baths when it is stated "The period of opening the womb had elapsed.' "She drew a shape; in the mould was life." In this next passage, pages 354, and 355 of the paper back edition, The Being of Light, Ninti uses her radioactive Light to create life in a soap like plasma or sac of plasma in a bath. "she opened the womb. Her face brightened with joy. Her head was covered; [why?] made an opening, that which was in the womb came forth." The next quote shows how mankind was fused with the DNA "soul " of the Gods. It explains why we were made. "In the clay, god and Man shall be BOUND,
to a UNITY brought TOGETHER; So that to the end of days [ Bibical reference of Revelations should also be noted here.] the Flesh and the Soul which in a god have RIPENED." Jumping a head a little, to page 358, we are heree by shown the modern day ALIEN ABDUCTION technique of placing instruments over the head and body, adding that we are shown a mechancial technique for harvesting the human clones, now ready, or ripened. Again the Gods speak to their machines, and the machines morph themselves in the very commands given to them. "The Lord called forrth thE, GAVE IT ORDERS. HE set the Earth Splitter as a CROWN UPON ITS HEAD, and DROVE IT INTO the Place-Where-Flesh-Sprouted Forth. IN THE HOLE WAS THE HEAD OF A MAN. From the ground [South Africa's stone circles] people were breaking through towards Enlil." Breaking through what? A plasma membrane ? Toward Enlil. !!!! Toward, to be brought forward.
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