August 12th, 2013

500 Million Year Old Theme of the Gods; The Super-Hybrid Human; Jewels of India; Triangles+Triads.

I've been rereading a book by W. Raymond Drake, called "Gods and Spacemen of the Ancient East." I first read this book about the Ancient Astronauts theory in the early eighties. Now I find it fascinating many years later, where I know a lot more of what the words mean. I spent most of the night in study of the book, as I listened to COAST TO COAST AM. It was about a man in the States who is taking photos of UFO'S. In the book by Drake shares a lot of quotes from ancient East Indian texts. As I was reading them I realized an interesting concept. I asked myself, why all of these wars by Gods and men over India? What is so special about India, that would create so many wars by so many E.T. races? I thought there must be something there that is worth fighting over. Something more than just beautiful women. Then I felt the concept enter my mind; India has billions of tonnes of precious metals, and precious jewels. Billions of tonnes hidden in the mountains and forests. Billions of tonnes of rubies, diamonds, emeralds waiting to be discovered. The whole of India could be a giant region of jewels. I believe it is, and is waiting for thousands of new mines to discover the massive treasuries. Then I began to think of the millions of years that might have passed before the dawn of Mu, and Lemuria. I thought of all the wars of the Gods re=written in numerous, very ancient holy books. I thought why? Why would there be millions of years of war and peace on earth? What was it about earth that countless E.T. races were willing to go over war to possess? Then I realized that the earth is a giant PORTHOLE, MADE OF INFINITE NUMBERS OF GATEWAYS. That the earth, if not the Solar System was designed to host a giant, massive porthole in which alien beings of every kind could pass through. Every alien civilization wanted control over the planet. Many races of homo sapien like humanoids may have died in warring waves. Many Ages of Mankind may have been lost tens of thousands of years before Mu, and Lemuria, and Atlantis. That is is certainly enough room for thousands of ROOT RACES to have existed before Mu. So what could be the solution? It was the making of a super-hybrid human being. Exactly when this process took place is unknown. It might have happened when the one of the first WORKER forces were created in South Africa 100,000 years ago. Or it might have happened 9,000 years ago when the Anunnaki landed in the region of modern day Iraq. Or it might have been a 109,000 year old process that might still be going on with all the worlds modern abduction cases. This process, this solution was to fuse the homo sapian, sapian with the DNA codices of a thousand different alien species. Making the earth, neutral to all the races. That the human race is the costodians of this DNA super hybrid. In this I point to the science of the so called JUNK DNA in the human body. When we place all these concepts together, we have a GRAND UNIFIED FILED THEORY of the PARANORMAL. I watched a t.v. show the other day that showed a man who is trying to uncover the mysteries behind all the stone structures found in NORTH-EAST AMERICA. There are about 800 known sites. Most of these sites, like the so called "Stone Henge of America" point to the North East rising of the sun. These perfect alignments to the summer soltice in America also mimic the North Eastern alignment theme found amoungst the stone structures of Europe. In ancient times the continent of Altantis was between these two regions. This might better answer the question as to how the ancient were able to align stone monuments to such perfection, across distances of thousands of miles. The purpose of these stone structures was to harness in the astral energies of the ethereal. Modern day Masonic construction of buildings aim to achieve the same ends with their building projects. Another clue to all this is the well known existance of the Vortex Triangles. The Devil's Triangle exists off the coast of England, across the ocean, where Atlanis once stood, is the Great Lakes Triangle, and the Bermuda Triangle. There is also a triangle off the coast of Africa, and yet another more famous triangle off the coast of China, called the Dragons Triangle. It is very important to assume that these triangles have been influencing human behavior for thousands of years. And all our mdern world is a result of these TRIANGLES. The presence of these energy vortices maybe behind the create of pyramids all over the world. The common purpose was the free energy of LEVITY. Anyone interested in the concept of LEVITY and the Stone Circles of the world maybe interested in reading about the famous CORAL CASTLE in Florida. One final coat needed to perfect the super human hybrid was the QUINTESSENCE OF MARDUK; The Logos of the Trinity. That Marduk who was given authority over mankind by the Anunnaki Council would incarnate his essence to guide mankind. He did this numerous times. Each time bringing with him the ancient psychology of the TRIAD; God, Son, and Holy Spirit. These triads, known as the TRIMURDI in India, have also helped shaped human beahvior for thousands of years. In ending, if there was a super secret society willing control over the world, its best symbol would no doubt be that of the Triangle. This essay / blog is in full and in part COPYRIGHT OF THE AUTHOR JIM EDWARD LUCIER effective of the date posted. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and DECLARED.
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