August 22nd, 2013

REOCCURRING DREAMS of an IRANIAN ATTACK AGAINST ISRAEL. !!!! Prestigous Suppers./ Hunting Dreams.

For the past several months I have been having reocurring dreams of planned attacks against ISRAEL. Out of fear of starting a panic, or fear of people thinking I am taking sides, I have not said anything until now. In the dreams I am in malls, or shopping centres where there are large t.v. sets-screens. A crowd of people have gathered around and are all taking about IRAN'S attack on ISRAEL. I AM SHOWN MAPS OF THE PLACES BEING HIT. I am show maps, moving, almost living maps of where missles are falling, and where missles are being lauched. I am shown maps of military movements by the U.S. against IRAN'S INVASION. In the dreams I am told by other people crowded around the screens, by reporters saying attacks through a land that Iran is trying to take for itself. In the dreams it is always refered as a "LAND-GRAB BY IRAN." I hear of U.S. military movements, and troops and tanks and all kinds of reports of military movement to counter the "IRANIAN LAND-GRAB." I must now give my WARNING not to trust IRAN in anyway !! /////// Also been having dreams of eating at large, monsterous baffets with people who I can not see. I do not see the faces of the people, but I always sense they are important people. This morning after one such dream, I awoke with a craving for sweets. Ha. ////// The majority of my dreams have been about climbing through obsticle courses, trains and buses full of people, going through peoples houses, into hidden walls and caverns, and all sorts of places searching for something. But I'm not sure what it is. I just travel through factories, through buildings, through walls, forests, junk yards in the ground, or tunnels filled with storage. Not flying through them, but just walking from place to place in search of things. I am usually with other people I do not know, or can not see, but I sense them.
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