August 30th, 2013


Early this morning I dreamt I was in Korea. Throughout this dream I sometimes felt I was in a communist state, then, in a state of freedom. I was near a large body of water, like a lake. The lake was at, or on the grounds of the Airport. I was walking through a field when I came across what I thought were massive buses. They were not, it was three main parts of a jumbo 747 jet airplane, or three jumbo jet bellies in a row. I now assume upon reflection of this dream that it was one jet belly in three pieces. Inside were hundreds of people still trapped. They were all in their seats, buckled up. I saw huge numbers of deer, as if the plane had been transporting huge numbers of animals. They were fine. I touched one of the deer, and it was alive. The people were all alive, but desperate to get out. The plane was net on fire, and there was no smoke. I had the strong feeling like I was being told by "Communist" authorities, "NOT to try and help the people!! " Before all this I was on a plane or a bus, or a combination of both. I was travelling to "Korea." I was talking with people, one of them was a scientist. Then we landed, or arrived at the airport. That's when I went walking around, beyond the lake to see the plane crash victims. The whole scene was like the disaster did not happen yet, but was going to. I ran into this building where there were a large group of people preparing emergency supplies, beds, and food. I asked if there was anything I was allowed to do. They said I could help bring water. So I took two large buckets of water to the people, and helped in the plane crashes to cool them off. Then I ran to the pilot of my next plane to catch. He said he would wait for me. I ran inside a building to get a book I had forgotten. When I got out the jumbo jet plane had taken off, or was gone to the runway. I walked into an airport terminal. I was almost crying. "How am I ever going to get home.?" I knew then I was in Korea, or maybe it was Japan. The jumbo jet I was to leave in suddenly appeared as if it was rolling over the airport mall. I saw its massive super wing over the large, massive windows. I watched it as it tried to take off, its front wheel collapsed. The jet slowly spun around, then stopped, and then the back engine of the plane EXPLODED. The whole jumbo 747 was on fire. By the time I got to it to help, the fire was over. There were many people dead, and burnt. I helped three survivors, going back and forth to some hanger were they would be safe. I rescued three people. Then the dream ends.  
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    Gary Numan- Airlane.