September 6th, 2013


In my Friday August 30th, blog entry I warn of a Korean Airplane disaster. Four days later, an Airbus A380 Korean Jet left from Atlanta to Seoul. A very successful test flight. Thank God. However, in the dream of Friday August 30th I am in Korea. I am at a Korean airport. I am catching a palne to get home. Therefore I may have narrowed down the possible air disaster to a jumbo airbus that leaves Korea. The passenger flights of the A380 are set to begin in October. In my original dream, the passenger cabins were packed with people. The airbus can carry nearly 900 people. In the dream there is a hint of communism in the air, when I am ordered not to assist. This could indicate an attempt by North Korean terrorists to attack, or set a bomb on the airbus. ///// Over the past few days I have been dreaming of going to schools. Meeting with teachers, sometimes ghosts in the old schools.
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