September 28th, 2013


The other night I dreamt I was walking near a mountain when I stopped to see that the mountain side was developing cracks. I began to run away as the side of the massive mountain gave way. A massive vent of volcanic ash shot into the sky. I ran to my house or apartment, one I had never been in before, as the sky and the land darkened with ash. Clouds of thick dust clouded the city. I was in a city. Clouds of dust from the mountain slide, and clouds of ash from the volcanic eruption turned day into night. Then I left my home, and the thick layer of black smoke that was up to my shoulders disappeared, and I was walking up and down staircases of a building, apartment buildings. I stopped every once and while at a floor, or a level to look at some hand made, ancient artifacts that were being displayed on tables. I saw a Bigfoot, and asked him to come with us, because he could get killed by the volcano, and he should help us evacuate people. Then I was in a large showroom of gold plated, and wood carved artifacts. They had been dug up from a time centuries past. Then I walked outside and I was in an outside shopping mall, tents everywhere displaying ancient, golden, and wooden artifacts. I looked up to see tourists walking into a modern doorway on the side of a massive, round, three story high mound, something like one of the giant mounds found in England. From this dream, based on all the gold and wooden artifacts, and the city I was in, I predict a coming volcanic eruption of GALACTIC MAGNITUDE coming to perhaps, MEXICO CITY.
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