October 11th, 2013

VOLCANO PREMONITION MAYBE INDIA SUPER-CYCLONE.; Mass Spirit Visitation Warning of Mass Death.

Tens of thousands of people are about to die in India. I am now certain this was the reason for the mass spirit visitation I wrote about on my Facebook status three days ago. In the status I warned of a mass number of deaths, and saw a large white, bright etheric body standing at the right hand corner of my bedroom. In my last blog I dreamt of a mountain side collapsing and covering a city. I am now show this to be the cyclone that is about to hit India. There will be lose of life in the tens of thousands, as DOZENS of MOUNTAIN SIDES COLLAPSE. Whole cities under mud and rock. The airports of India will be crushed with water, mud, rocks. I am shown jet airplanes scattered and smashed all over the place.
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