October 12th, 2013


Was it the Goddess Chamundeshwari I saw at the corner of my bedroom door on October 7th? The festival of her victory over darkness did not happen because of the Cyclone that is hitting India now. 800,000 People have been evacuated from the coastlines, the largest in the hof India. In other news. Last night I dream I was in a deep underground mall like place. I was floating over strange lights on the floor, and proceeded to stop at a hallway where there was a large double door of glass. I was invited inside by a voice. I began the long walk inside the hallway that had six more large, glass double doors. The glass doors where covered with multi-coloured squares so as not to run into them. When I reached the last door I was told now to reveal the image of the beast I was about to look upon. I was told this was a great HONOUR, and PRIVILEGE. I agreed. I opened the last doors. I was on a stage. Overlooking a large stadium of some type. In the middle of the arena was a large white cloth, covering something. The cloth rose and I saw a black, within black blob with numerous tenticles. It appeared to be a shadow reflecting on a screen, so I could only make out its outlines. Its tenticles were made of what looked like ravens or crows. The image of the creature faded as the ravens and crows faded behind another giant screen made of numerous t.v. screens. The t.v. SCREENS were all commercials. And the Ravens and crows appeared to be subliminal messages hidding behind all the commercials. //////////   UPDATE OCTOBER 18TH, 2013 >> The next day after I had asked if it was the Goddess Chamundeshwari that came to me in a mass spirit visitation, more than a hundred Hindu worshippers were killed in a stampede. Weird or what?
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