October 18th, 2013

THE EUROZONE NOSTRADAMUS for 2013 nad 2014. First Five Centuries.

In the following SKRY of the first five centuries of Nostradamus, I will using the book THE ESSENTIAL NOSTRADAMUS by RICHARD SMOLEY....... //// The following interpretations are meant o reflect today's world. And by today I was aiming for 2013, 2014. ////  Century ONE; # 3. THE STAR * INDICATES Nostradamus line, word for word, followed by my interpretation marked by a - .  *When the litter is by the whirlwind. - North American Europeans in a foreign land of sever weather. * Faces buried in topcoats. -Unaccustomed to the weather. *Republic vexed by new people. -Europeans and the native peoples. *Reds and Whites judge. - The conflicts between the white people and the red indian people.   QUATRAIN # 4  This quatrain is about the troubles of the Eurozone,[new universe] ruled by Germany [one monarch]. "Will not stay long in peace." Is constant protests. Last line is great turmoil. QUATRAIN # 7 ... *LATE ARRIVED, EXECUTION DONE. - Eurozone formed by firm law.  *The Wind Contrary. -Is a new age, a new time to anything known prior.  *Fourteen conspirators from one sect. - 14 Countries of the Eurozone. Last line is dominance of Germany.   QUATRAIN # 8. ... the Solar City is Lyons. Immigration of Arabs into France. Lose of French identity, [a fear of]. France is filled with new life.  QUATRAIN # 9.... "The punic heart," is the rebellious one that comes from Tanzania. The one who lights himself on fire to start a revolution. This is the rise of the Arab Spring. Last line indicates the time of this event. Here it is when there is a time of great poverty; the Eurozone Crisis. QUATRAIN # 14 [BOOK jumps to Number 14.] Obviously the Eurozone Crisis and the toll it takes on the people of Europe. This is all about austerity.  QUATRAIN NUMBER 15, Last line proves this is the age of Stealth Bombers, and the Age of "drones". Before this however it might have been the Soviet Union, which lasted for 70 years, and disappeared into silence.  QUATRAIN NUMBER 18. France was more than willing to help the U.S. attack Syria [ancient Phoenicia ] where many military ships were waiting to strike. This attack could still happen. France could except from this, terrorism and riots if it engages in a new war with an Arab Country.  QUATRAIN NUMBER 25; Line 3, 'Before the moon finishes her great cycle' is a sacred betreyal against a sacred trust. This quatrain is about the modern sex scandles of the Catholic Church.  QUATRAIN # 31 : Line 3 is the Eurozone Crisis as the Moon in Line 4 is the Popacy during the crisis. Line 1, and 2 speak of Europes protests against the Euro.   QUATRAIN # 32: This quatrain is another warning of the weakness of the World Court. Geneva and the Eurozone.  QUATRAIN # 40 : *"The false trumpet concealing madness" , -is the Euro, and its failures.  QUATRAIN # 42 : Is the rise and world exceptance of Witchcraft. *"The Gothic Thing-revived by wicked people." Line 3 is the Witch burnings and Line 4 refers to Alchemy.  QUATRAIN # 44 : Is the various attacks against the CHristian Church; both sexual, and by terrorism.  QUATRAIN # 47 : lINES 1, 3, AND 4 CLEARLY INDICATE THE FAILURE OF THE WORLD COURT IN gENEVA.  QUATRAIN # 48 : This is the new Europe of today. The prophecy of Nostradamus will fulfill themselves when Europe is under a new kind of Monarchy. This is the Euro, Eurozone/.  QUATRAIN # 49 : In todays modern world *the orient," making great incursions is CHINA. As it is now the second largest, most powerful country in the world.. Specially if we now ignore the date of 1700.
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The following successful premonition is from the premonition blog dates of Saturday, Sept, 28th. And Friday October 11th. Due to the biggest evacuation in India's history, nearly 900,000 people, tens of thousands of people were saved from certain death. So October 11th blog entry was wrong. Thank God. However the September 28th Blog entry of the dream itself is correct. The collapse of a whole mountain range that I saw in the October 11th blog came true in a different part of the world. It was in THE Philippines. The world famous CHOCOLATE HILLS were all destroyed by numerous landslides. The city was Bohal was also destroyed. This is the city I saw in my dream of September 28th. In that dream I saw a series of staircases. At the base of these staircases were hand made idols of gold and wood. This kind of art is indigenous to the people of the Philippines. The Chocolate Hill Observatory is clearly seen in the vision dream of September 28th. The Observatory has many staircases. In the dream it is made for tourists. As the Observatory really is. I describe the Observatory to a near "T".   
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