October 20th, 2013

THE EURO ZONE NOSTRADAMUS for 2013 and 2014 Part Two. // U.S. Hurricane Premonition.

I AM JUST NOW BEGINNING TO SEE A HURRICAN for the UNITED STATES. It is a massive Hurricane of Catagory 5 strength. It is set to begin, based on the feeling, within five days of this posting. i am shown the first week in November as the date of most concern. .... ///////// Using the Book The Essencial Nostradamus by Richard Smoley. Quatrains in the book jump from place to place. QUATRAIN # 50 : The rise of modern day terrorism. Who feasts on Thursday? Muslims on Friday, Christians on Sunday, and Hebrews on Saturday. Thursday is a new Relgious docrine of no real recognition. The first line is the trident sysbol of earthquakes, war, and strife.  QUATRAIN # 51 Continues from #50. This new terrorism will last at least a hundred years. Line 2 is the faith in God distorted.  QUATRAIN # 52: Is the TWO living POPES. Pope Francis, and the living pope Benedict. This is the sign that will reveal how Europe in the Euro- Eurozone is miserable.  QUATRAIN # 53 ; Line 4 tells why the Catholic Church is in such tormoil, as it tried to mine the souls of the Native Peoples. The prosecution of the Church is obvious, *"the holy law in total ruin."   QUATRAIN # 60 : The first two lines "an Emperoe born near Italy, " and "sold to an Empire," is the rise of the EUROZONE, and the harshness of austerity, the butcher.  QUATRAIN # 63 : Line 3 " he will walk over heaven, land, sea, and wave,' indicates the modern age of new travel technologies.  QUATRAIN # 64 : This is the nuclear bombing of Japn in 1945. Today it could be the modern nuclear plants of Japn in trouble due to a massive earthquake.  QUATRAIN # 67 : This could be the dirty 30's. But also a modern warning of what could happen again. Global resessions. QUATRAIN # 87 I am shown the Croatian-Kosovo War, as it took place between Russia and Europe. In todays terms this could be the tormoils in the Arab Spring Countries.  QUATRAIN # 91 Line 3 indicates this is conflict in Europe at a time of relative peace. This is the Euro Crisis.  QUATRAIN # 92 : The disasterous affects of modern Euro Zone austerity is clearly seen.  QUATRAIN # 96 : Germany's hold over the Euro Zone with austerity.    JUMPS TO CENTURY TWO: Q.# 1 , France and Britian form an alliance to launch "powerful invasions."  The modern age of a NATO agreement where both countries use their militaries.  Q. # 2; Throughout the new Kingdoms of the Arab world [ indicated by "France doing them well, or good." ; a war between the Shites, and the Sunnis: [as agreed with the author.] Last line indicates rebellion from within. The Arab Spring.  Q # 3 ; First line and second line is Global Warming; increased drought in Europe.  Q. # 4 ; A serious famine / drought is to come to Southern Europe as Italy, and Greece suffer from unemployment. A continuation from last quatrain.  Q.# 8 ; The Catholic Church is exposed and seen to be more of a tyrant of Native peoples as it suffers the humiliations of the sex scandles, and abuse of Residental Schools.  QUATRAIN 10 affirms quatrain 8. 
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