October 24th, 2013

Euro Zone Nostradamus 2013/14 Part 3 ; Successful Hurricane Premonition-Vision for Europe not U.S.

A hurricane I had foreseen for the U.S. in my last blog entry has come true. But its not for the U.S., its for Europe. Its not a hurricane but a massive wind front with powerful winds. ////////// Using the book THE ESSENCIAL NOSTRADAMUS by RICHARD SMOLEY. Q.#12 ; First two lines is the Catholic Church, "the habits of solitaries," perhaps a secret order as well. The last two lines are about Europe in the Euro Zone; austerity.  Q.# 13 ; The age of cloning-foods to humans. Genetic Enginneering. Last line is like seeing the face of God; DNA; "Seeing the Word in his eternity."  Q # 19 ; Obviously this is the New World, and the fight , or wars against the Native Peoples on North America.  Q # 22: "Eurotas," is obviously "EUROTAX." Austerity of the Eurozone. A Single currency. Nostradamus tries to mention an order of monetary business that does not yet exist. ASOP could be the IMF, and or NATO. The "submerged isle," is Vienna. Last line is basicly romours of war during the Eurozone.  Q # 24 ; Agreed with Author. Hitler and WW2.  Q # 27 ; The thirs secret of Fatima that was shared with Pope John Paul the second, but not with the world.  Q # 28; I am shown a Messiah like figure who delivers Europe from austerity. He has not yet come.  Q # 29 ; iS THE RISE AND POWER OF CHINA.  Q # 30 : This is the modern day "coverage," of war. Iraq wars; "Journals."   Q # 41 : A MIGHTY TERRIBLE TERRORIST ATTACK AGAINST THE VATICAN. The Vatican is leveled, and or the end of the Vatican when a pope rejects its existance.   Q # 46 ; This is the coming of the second Great Depression of world monetary collapse. This might have already happened when the world went into a depression in 2008. Then the world is rescued by wars.   Q # 51 ; THIS IS THE UP and COMING TERRORIST ATTACK AGAINST the BRITISH ROYALTY. Buckingham Palace is in grave danger. !!!! This Quatrain speaks of the attack on Buckingham Palace. Powerful explosions are seen.   Q # 62 ; The leader of the Palestine people has the last name of MABUS. The Palestine people have seen horrible defeats. but then someone comes to bring vengeance against their  enemies. Based on the last line, this maybe IRAN.  Q # 68 ; The Falklands War. Placed here is curious of England getting involved in a new war.  Q # 75 ; The last line tells us that this quatrain is about food poisoning on mass scales. Line 2 sounds like a mass production plant. Thi is certainly the age we are in now. Mass recalls of meats are common place now. I am tempted to see a warning about feeding animals to animals- Meat Processing Plants.  Q # 79 ; This is Saddam Hussein. First line is Babylon-Sumeria. Second line is the dictatorship of Saddam. Line 3 "chyren," is foreign saviours who remove Saddam. 'Seline's banner', as in the moon is the Arab Nations.  Q # 81 ; In the most modern of times this would be the great Japan earthqauke of 2011, as well as the mighty Tsunami of Indonesia in 2005. This quatrain is warning of super tsunami's destroying kingdoms from afar.  Q # 91  Most certainly the Japan earthquake of 2011.  Q # 92 ; Line 1 clearly details nuclear activity. This quatrain is about stealing the power of the sun, or harnessing it. Last line is radiation.   [[[[ CENTURY THREE.......
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