October 31st, 2013


Notes from GODS AND SPACEMEN book series by W.RAYMOND DRAKE. : If the earth is an artifically made plan net matrix of multi-dimensions, as I believe it is, then all that is deemed para normal is a technology that we can not as of yet activate for ourselves. Speaking strickly of unhindered synthedic DNA tech, bio-computers, nano-tech, cloning, genetic engineering, we will will some day be able to shape shift ourselves in and out of multiple, alternate realities. The JUNK DNA stroage libraries in us may be the catalyst, the launch pad that plugs us into this Cosmic Mind of infinite possibilities. We are being pre-preped to enter the MATRIX [paranormal realms] but we will not be of it untill we connect to it with our technologies. * Super Bio-computers made from non-digital fuzzy thinking-synthedic GENETICS WILL UNLEASH THEIR technologies in us, via JUNK DNA , so that we will become the Gods and Spacemen of the new Earth-Matrix of shape shifting super consciousness. * So what is the whole Alien -UFO aBDUCTION- shape shifting- ghost phenomena's about? For millions of years the infinite number of Alien Races from Mu, Lemuria, to the Anunnaki have been imparting to us, in us, THEIR inter-dimensional bodies of mind. Implanting these alien libraries into us because our DNA will someday be thrust into becoming [ by our inter-alien racial technologies thus created given enough time] into inter and multi dimensional beings. We are made in the IMAGE[S] of the GOD[S]. But we not there yet. All of this depends on hundreds of years of uninterrupted science. * In mankinds DNA his mind, his soul there are countless numbers of universes, endless libraries of Cosmic wide knowledge. The numerous TEACHERS of ancient times "Taught" us our "civilizations." Mostly from millions of years of teachers from other worlds come to advance our world. "They've" done this numerous times throughout our history, and continue to impart, and implant, our reveal THEIR hidden libraries into us to this very day. We are the custodians JUNK DNA KEEPERS of vast information beyond thousands of billions of computers. Many alien races continue to place "their" libraries-fingerprints into us. For someday we will have the technologies, the bio-quantum generated super computers to UNLEASH IT ALL. What I am trying to say is that just as our five senses interact with outr computers, so someday soon our DNA will swim in our Bio-computers of genetic engineering and PLUG INTO THE PLANETARY MATRIX. By matrix I mean the planet earth is an artifically generated super para-portal launch pad of infinite para-portals, doorways, gateways that infinite numbers of alien races use to "JUMP" here. There shall come a day when our DNA BASED technologies, our JUNK DNA based technologies will tap themselves into the internets of virtual realities, and the THEIR hidden libraries of multi-dimensional knowledge will EXPLODE , revealing endless ALIEN ALTERNATE REALITIES. In the many decades to come our technological progress toward QUANTUM-BIO generated super-computers will increase. As will our genetic engineering processes of cloning and Synthedic DNA. All of course brought on by NANO-TECHNOLOGY. Imagine in a couple hundred years, maybe a lot sooner, your 6 trillion cells of DNA plugged into the sockets, and curcuits of 6 trillion nano computers. What will our DORMENT DNA have to say? What will it reveal to us? Possibly it will be the so called tens of thousands of years of ALIEN CIVILIZATION tampering with us. But the time we reach this technological threshold, THEY would have made direct contact with us. Preparing us for the NEW ALIEN TECHNOLOGIES that our DORMENT DNA IS ABOUT TO UNLEASH, or reveal to us.
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