November 2nd, 2013


On October 30 I posted a status on my Facebook about a dream I had, had on that night. The dream was about a factory explosion in the middle of the U.S. I was watching it on a T.V. The factory seemed to be in a city, it was potash mine, and there was an evacuation order given. I posted this status at 1:30 P.M. on October 30. That night, approx 9 P.M. central time that night. There was a massive factory explosion in Quebec. It was near a small city where an evacuation order of about 300 peopkle was going to be given, but it wasn't. I think this is a successful premonition only because of the close timing. However, the location is wrong. Meaning that this dream could still fulfill itself somewhere in the mid U.S. sometime soon.
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