November 19th, 2013


The following is based on a book called Techniques of High Magick by Francis King and Stephen Skinner. It is also based on the various Grimoires I have read over the years, from the Keys of Solomon, to Golden Dawn. I finally felt that now was the time to place down for all to see my recommendations for people wanting to use High Magick. The ancient grimoires are filled with evil, and I do not recommend them. I would suggest starting with introduction books by new Golden Dawn, not the Golden Dawn based on Aleister Crowley. I recommend Rosicrucianism, but not Satanism. The book of Satan, which I read many, many years ago is notihng but an animals guide to bullying. It has nothing to offer. In essence you don't need High Magick to make direct contact with God / Nature. All you need to do to acheive all knowledge, and wisdom, is to ask God. God will give you the answers you need. Be satisfied with what you receive. Gives thanks and be grateful. But for people who like Wicca, and all other forms of Earth based Religions / Faiths, High Magick is a incredibly beautiful, powerful, and very Truthfuilled. I am going to use Techniques of High Magick as my central guide. The following are based on notes I have made on the book...... 1- There are three LAWS High Magick, and such Mysticism. A- Know that there is only ONE GOD of many faces, from which all creation flows. B- Know the TRUTH of Jesus Christ as the only Begotton , Resurrected Son of God. [ To understand this read THE PAGAN CHRIST, as He is the many Christos Logos of the many Resurrection Gods of many Faiths.] and C- Never invoke, conjure, envoke, recite the name of any demon, or so called 'evil spirit.'.  2- As a mortal human being we can not and should ever try to bind, control, or command spirits, angels or demons. 3- The Enochian invokations of Angels is strictly a device of shared invitation only. That is to share ones Love, ones soul with the Universe of Quarters, and 360 degrees; To heal others, to heal yourself. It is never to bind, nor to control the Angels, or the demons. It is all about sharing  in God's Creation. Angels like God must be invited. Never pray to, or worship the Angels or the demons.  4- It is very important to realize that you should never become a slave, or a prisoner to the practise of High Magick. This can and will happen to you if you practise these arts on a daily basis. [One part of the book, under the direction of Crowley suggests a self inflicted punishment if you stray from the path. This is very dangerous, and very foolish.].  Unless it is something that you truly LOVE, then go ahead, otherwise, be very careful not to practise many of these rituals all the time. It isn't necessary. It is not a real requirement. The goal of High Magick is for you to make a CONSCIOUS CONTACT with Nature and the God of your understanding who created it. 5- A repeat, DO NOT FORCE HIGH MAGICK UPON YOURSELF. Practise these arts when you feel like it. Because that is when the Spirits are ready to help you. You can never force by any means of discipline any proper contact with the Spirits. I recommend practsing High Magick for at least a couple of hours every six or seven days, and / or on the eight Wiccan Sabbats. 6-  I highly suggest approaching what High Magick calls "THE HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL," by practising the Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the A.A. PROGRAM. This inner Angel is the true inner Self unveiled by the clouds of darkness, our Id, and Shadow. In Alchemy, it is the Gold. Writing a Magick Diary is recommended, as it may also be called a Book of Shadows. This helps to make a conscious contact with your Subconscious,. 7- AFFINITY, the empathy, and Love for the Universe is the ultimate goal of High Magick. To acheive such a connection to God, and Nature that one can use his new found connections to HEAL OTHERS, help others, heal the Invoke only GOD'S LOVE into you. In the chapter of Geomancy, I removed all reference to "evil," with "weakness," or "change". Much more to the principles of the I Ching Book of Changes. I changed the words "magickal weapons,' to magickal tools, or extensions of Self.  In ending, if you have the patience, erase all words and sentences from the Evokation-Invokation Prayers anything related to controlling, binding, making "obediant". You have the right to do this, and when you do, you will discover that High Magick is very BEAUTIFUL, very POWERFUL, and Very TrUTHFULL. In ending, imagination is the KEY. So is removing all "evil" instructions from the Grimoires. The endless ideas of High Magick to have evil spirits in attendance in any way, for any reason is a DECEIVING CLAUSE.  
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