November 24th, 2013


CENTURY THREE; Using the book THE ESSENCIAL NOSTRADAMUS by Richard Smoley. [ Note the book jumps a lot, missing, or skipping quatrains.] Q.#1 : The battle or war of the North Atlantic. World War 2. Placed here. This could be a new war with North Korea involving a large number of war ships.  Q. # 2.  In essence this quatrain speaks of a time of incredible abilities to mass produce. To create a universe of our own. This is the modern day of industrial age of cloning. computers, machines.  Q # 3; The modern light of radiaactivity, of electricity. to Nostradamus an invisible power that covers a whole city. A city of light, at night.  Q # 23 : Even to this very day France is not seen to have anything close to a sea military fleet. Instead they appear to be a force on land; [last line].  Q # 31: In most recent times Europe has fought in two large wars, the KOSOVO WAR, and the IRAQ war. Iran maybe the the third war. Or someunforeseen, sudden tour of duty in IIraq; specially since Nostradamus mentions the wars of the white and blue caps. Last line is Saddam. This Quatrain smelles of warning s of deceit, since Saddam often lied about his use of chemical weapons on his own people. Beware of deceit.  Q # 32 : During the Euro Crisis, when Germany will be hit hard. Great pressures unleashed upon that country. France will enter a NATO  conflict against some Moslim country. A continuation from last Quatrain. This looks like the new Syria Conflict. Again beware of deception, of use of Chemical weapons.  Q # 35 : This Spanish Messiah like figure is still to come. He is spoken of in Quatrain #28 of the Second Century. He is to start a European wide revolt against austerity. If Line 1 is North America, then this could have been the short lived world wide revolt against the rich, the so called one percent.  Q # 44 : This is the age of aircraft supremacy, and age of war.  Q # 55 ; The Euro-Zone austerity crisis will drag France into several recessions. Q # 57: The third line reveals the secret. This quatrain is about what would have happened to Britian if it had joined the EUROZONE.  Q # 58: In the very modern times i see this as the annex of Eastern Europe into the EUROZONE.   Q # 61 : The near 15 year war with Saddam Hussein; two wars with Saddam. The last 2 lines hints of a form of resistance to "occupation."  Q # 65: This is the creation of the EUROZONE. Also free trade agreements. "he," is the new currency. Last line is fault by nature of the newly elected currency, human nature.  Q # 66: In the most modern times this could be a description of a France like place in as a captive state. So this could be QUEBEC in Canada. And / or this could be New Orleans being held captive by the sea.  Q # 67: The modern day SECRET SOCITIES; Freemasons.  Q # 76 : I am shown Germany being financially bound by a new form of constitution; the EURO.  Q # 89 ; The modern Cyprus EURO CRISIS.  Q # 94 : The age when all of the Quatrains all come together into a single unit of fulfillment. That is the age we are in now. The age of the EURO-ZONE, and its Crisis.  Q # 97 : Self explanitory of modern Middel East.  [END OF CENTURY THREE.]
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