November 27th, 2013


This Century seems to indicate a serious nuclear WAR in the far east during the height of the EURO ZONE CRISIS. [[[[ Q # 5 ; The wars of NATO.  Q # 8 ; Germany's bombing of England. The Blitz Kreig philosophy. Placed here, North Korea invades South Korea very soon with nuclear weapons.  Q # 12 ; Second line, "hardly any further pursued," maybe the end of the world. That is, no more places on the earth to discover. Japan is known as the further country to the East. Japan, land of the Rising Sun. This quatrain is North Korea's attack of South Korea in 2014 / 2015.  Q # 18 ; The modern day persecution of the Catholic Church. A clue to when North Korea makes its nuclear invasions.  Q # 24 ;  I am shown the modern day terrorist attacks and hostage taking at the Church of the Birthplace of Christ. Since this event already took place, we may now assume that the following quatrains take place soon afetr this event.  Q # 25; The modern Television is clearly explained. Line 1 is clearly a device with an infinite number of eyes. Line 3 clearly describes a talking head. Placed here this quatrain maybe assumed to be the power of propaganda.  Q # 26 ; Continues from last quatrain. The modern radio, [a hidden tongue], and a world under its surveillance. Q # 32; The age of machines, the age of replaceable machinery parts, multi-mechanical devices. Line 1 is Sea Diving Equipment, submarines, and space suits. Nostradamus might have been trying to describe the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. If so then the nuclear war with North Korea is soon. Q # 39;  Europe crisis experienced by the people as a foreign like seige, takes hold of a nation unaccustomed. This is the austerity of the Euro. A method foreign to the people of Europe, is adapted.  Q # 43: The numerous wars and conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Line 3 is terrorism.  Q # 45 : The massacres of the North American Indians. In more recent times, this could the massacres in Europe in the Kosovo War. And even more recent, the massacres of Syria.  Q # 47 : Continued from last quatrain. Fate of the Great Chief's, also the slave era of the United States. These two Quatrains hint of a country that greatly suppresses its people, as the one to watch for signs of what Nostradamus, and myself see as an up and coming nuclear war [ with North Korea.]. Q # 50 : Line 1 is the balance of western culture moving through the eastern cultures. Line 2, continued says Asia is the slowest to change to the western ways. Last line is the seven continents.  Q # 54 : Line 1 goes with line 3 describing a new Europe with a new name. This is new name is EURO or EURO-ZONE. Line 2 is the jets of military NATO,. Last line declares "NATO" a saviour like  figure.  Q # 57 :  First line speaks of a new Europe. England grows in success as an independent seperate from the Eurozone. The restof the lines speak of the back and forth struggle to have England as a member of the new Europe order.   Q # 62 : The large of dictators of the countries of the old Soviet Union, who when fell, are seen as cowards. Q # 65 : In light of quatrain 62, this fits perfectly with the modern power struggle of the current Egypt Crisis.   Q # 68: A future quatrain that forsakes a terrible hunger / drought in Southern Europe-Italy. In Euro terms this could be the Italy Euro Crsisis.  Q # 70 : I am shown in most modern times that this is the Kosovo-Croatian war.  Q # 82 : Continued from #70 , the Croatian-Kosovo war, and its dangers of expanding into a larger war, as Russia had threatened.  [[[[ I have chosen to place the famous 1999 quatrain here. It is quatrain # 72 of Century 10. The king of Teoor was of course NATO warplanes. The Kosovo war was going to enter a third world war, when in June, Russia warned that it would enter the war if the bombing did not stop. In june, before the seventh month of July, the war sudddenly ended. ]]]]   Quatrain #  89 : The events that lead up to the American War of Independence. In today's light, the modern day American Tea Party movement. This quatrain warns of a divided nation of great power.  Q # 96 : Seen only in todays light " the older sister," Europe the sister to North America, or Old England. The English language culture in North America is the Balance of the Kingdom. The balance between new England, or North America, and Old England of Europe. Also the reign of the Commonwealth.       
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