December 14th, 2013

The UN-SECRET REVELATION of the BLACK PYRAMID.: All Rights Reserved.

Tonight I watched a movie called "SKULLS." Through out the movie I watched numerous symbols pass along the backdrops of the movie. Something was forming in my mind. I was being reminded of the image of the Black Pyramid. I was reminded of the fact that Freemasonry claims to be a society with no secrets. I intuitively understood that any real secret society should never have any secrets amongst its members. I realized that secrets are cancerous to any body of any secret society. So then, after the movie I saw the Black Pyramid and knew intuitively why it was black within black, and why it was in the shape of a pyramid. I began to think of the Holy Guardian Angel of High Magick. I realized that anyone who is performs a ruthless, and fearless moral inventory of themselves, and shares all their secrets to another human being and to God, with ALL JUSTICE in his heart weighed [that he shall have no secrets before humanity, such as murder, incest, theft] will be in terms of allegory be made invincible. Because whoever stands before God, TO THY SELF BE TRUTH, shall be given all the Knowledge, and Wisdom of God. Because Gold can handle the strength of the Lion. And the strength of the Lion must be forged by Mercury, Cinnabar, Quicksilver, the soul made as clear and as transparent, and as strong as CRYSTAL, and therefore strong enough to hold the Sun, that is the Wisdom and the Knowledge of the Gold. After all this I realized the REVELATION OF THE BLACK PYRAMID. The Black Pyramid absorbs all lies, all secrets, and all that is not Truth. Secrets, lies, deceit, pass though the Black Pyramid, and does not affect its shape, nor its purity. The mathematical, and geometric shape of the pyramid is too perfect to be affected by lies, and deceit. In essence the Black Pyramid does not really exist, because black in not a colour. In ending I felt the Jade-Emerald skull in the movie Skulls, to be a real phenomena at the heart of the real Skull and Crossbones Society to whom I am not a member, nor a member of any secret society. The Emerald Skull represents the Emerald Tablet, and the Seven Laws of Attraction. I Hereby declare this blog entry Copyright of its author Jim Edward Lucier. All Rights Reserved.
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