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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

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Important Reoccurring Dream of a Large Room Cabin in the Woods. / Exorcising my Family
Tonight I finally had a clear dream of a reoccurring dream I've had many times. Tonight I had a clear memory of this large room where I have experienced many different worlds. Okay, the large room appears to be in a forest. It appears to be Autumn. The room is about 300 to 400 square feet. It has a very, very high cealing of a common loft. All the walls are made of white drywall. A man I used to know in reality is sitting on a large couch. His name is Rob. I knew him from AA, many years ago and lived two floors beneath me. He didn't seem to notice me, or care that I was there. He was looking out a large window. I sat beside him and looked out the large patio window that overlooked a massive, thin, white tree. I satrted talking about that if this was my home I would have built a large treehouse. The large window is underneath a winding staircase up against the wall. I don't know, or have never seen the floor that the staircase leads too. But in many various versions of this tall room I am looking down from the staircase onto the living room below. This room is animportant HUB of my REOCCURRING DREAMS. In many dreams I see my brother. He is with a different ex-girlfriend each time. Sometimes I stand on this staircase looking over the living room from a high position on the staircase against the wall. Sometimes there is an elevator behind me. The elevator is nothing but a flat piece of wood with no walls. I stand on it and I am elevated to different versions of the same tall room. The decor of the tall room is quit different from each other room. There are often weird looking beings and creatures  who appear to be friends with my brother. In theses multi- dimension versions of the tall room, the room is owned by my broiher, or he is always living there. This time, tonight, the dream shape shifts and I am in a different basement room I've never been in before. It is dark, it is night. A person comes up to me and says he wants his money back from me. He tells me his daughter is possessed by the devil because of me. I deside to take on all the roles of a priest, and I tell the man that I will exorcise the demon out of her. I remember looking through a priests private book files looking for exorcism instructions. I now feel I am in the house of a priest who has gone somewhere for a long time. I find a lengthy box of and open it. Inside are long quartz crystals eachof a different colour. I feel I am to take the crystals to the exorcism. I keep looking through brief cases belonging to a priest and find pamphlets on how to conduct an exorcism. I find a special Bible with marked places for an exorcism. I find candles, a crucifix. I am told to hurry up from time to time. I am now dressed up as a priest. I say a silent prayer asking God for forgiveness for having to pretend to be a priest who can do exorcisims. My mom starts making more and more of an appearence as the dream goes on. I am ready to go, walk up stairs and go outside. I enter a van and we drive somewhere not to far. All the time I am fustrated because I am trying to light special candles for the exorcism but they will not light. I walk into a house I think I recognise. I go downstairs to the girls room. Her mother is beside her. There appears to be nothing wrong with her really, or the demon is hidding itself. At this point the dream changes to her being a family member. I am told by my mom and other family members that a special commitee and command centre has been set up to research the demon that has possesed our family member. Somehow I end up in a family command and control centre with family members working on computers, researching a way to defeat this demon. I speak with my cousin Tom, and he askes me to adress everyone about my theories on the demon that has possessed a girl of our family. I say to my Aunt Mary who is sitting beside me, my family members and my mom that I believe she is not possessed, but suffering from psycho-somatic self delusions. That she created the demon in her own mind. I explained that this is often the cause of feeling possessed.

Current Mood: contemplative

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