January 26th, 2021


Dreamt I walked into my dad's house. It was a combination of a couple of houses he had lived in. One was from Ave H. South, and another was from a near by town called Asquith. In the dream a woman freaks out just as I entered the back door, and says she saw a full figure of a ghost woman. I am aware of the presence of the woman. Everyone is gone. I leave out some bread and butter I was eating. I head to a living room.  Everyone is gone from the house and I am sitting alone on a couch in a living room. The blond haired ghost materializes. I am stunned to see how real she looks. We start talking about how she died and why she haunts the location, but I can't remember those details now. Another girl appears and maybe her daughter. But she doesn't remain long. A dog appears, a golden retriever. The dog leaves her side and walks toward me, allowing me to pet it for a while. She is so real, and yet as if she was a 4 dimensional movie projection. I then go into another, separate dream about being possessed, but I only remember now pushing a man down the stairs with my will, or mind. At some point I am an infant, possessed, and throwing up a lot. Then I would enter a new dream thinking about the blond ghost woman, missing her, wanting her. Yet afraid, knowing she is a ghost. I find a room in a dark, large house. It is has a large bed with blankets and I go to bed wondering if she will appear again. This leads to the next dream posted here............  I went to bed in a dark room somewhere in the mansion. The simple house of my dad's old house had turned into a very large house. I was very aware of the ghost blond woman haunting the house. I heard the phone ring about three different times. I heard a message on the answering machine. I finally got up and walked quickly down the long hallway to the living room. I was singing the name of the blond ghost woman, a name I have now forgotten. I got to the phone and it looked very complicated. I kept trying to figure out how to use it. I pressed several buttons but now of them worked. [ I've have had numerous such dreams where I try to phone home, just like E.T., and I can't understand the operator, or they can't understand me, or something goes wrong with the phone.] The room has changed into a large lobby of some kind. A man tries to assist me in calling but its no use. I find myself in a movie theatre, its feels underground. [ I often dream of a movie theatre underground at the end of 8th Street in Saskatoon. This theatre used to be called The Rainbow Cinema. It was in a mall, and had an underground feeling to it.] I had money and a horror movie about a possessed woman who goes crazy like a blood thirst vampire was showing. I went to the counter and ordered my food and drink. I suddenly became aware that there was no masks. I looked everyone for one. I was frustrated because there were no masks anywhere. The food and drink was placed on the counter. A large pitcher of iced coffee, a large popcorn, about tour hamburgers. I kept asking the woman which theater the movie was playing in. She kept avoiding an answer. The movie would start in 15 minutes. I felt I had plenty of time, so I walked outside , across a short parking lot to a booth that had an n underground staircase leading to another mall. This was just a cross the street to the west of the downtown, Saskatoon, Scotiabank Cinemas. The same movie was playing there. I was having a hard time carrying all my food, and drink. I realized that I couldn't get in to see the movie because the ticket was for a different location. So I climbed back up the stairs. Somehow there is a new dream that pops in where I am now in a large food court filled with the most exotic venue's, large seating areas suspended in the air. It was very futuristic, and as I traveled through the complex on a escalator I remember thinking I have to bring my friends here to have coffee. So many things to look at, giant fish tanks, large T.V. screens. I then popped back to my original dream and took an escalator back up to the the same parking lot I had come from. I walked across the parking lot to the near by movie theatre I had come from. I was inside again, trying to carry all my food and drink, while looking for a mask. Someone finally told me where the movie was, and I entered to see a collage  seminar room converted into a movie theater. I found a set at a long table, and saw two large screens in front of me. The two separate T.V. screens would somehow be viewed as one big screen when the movie started. I could see a large fountain in the outside of large windows. It was night. When I entered the theater from the parking lot it was day. The movie starts, I see a bright flash of light from the screens.