August 20th, 2021

The Cryptozoological Generator of the Rider Waite Tarot, Part 3: The Polarity Principle.

A TetraMorph is a term not found in any dictionary that describes the power of four in the world of the paranormal, and how that power influences the Universe. I will elaborate much more on this later on. This part, part 3 will take us to the first Tetra of the Tarot, the revelation of the Tetragrammaton. Here we go.  Now in many of the cards of the Tarot there are scenes of thick flora. This flora is an Astral source. It is the thick, plant like vegetation that exists in the astral planes. To date, the Voynich Manuscript is the best example of this world. And the creators of the Rider Waite Tarot knew very well of its existence. Many people who have Astral Travelled, or experienced out of boy experiences have seen these astral gardens. This was called The Garden of Eden, and its presence in the cards indicates that the cards exist on a on astral, and collective unconscious / subconscious level. These astral gardens inspired the paradise of the Elysian, and Eleusinian Mysteries. In the High Priestess card, the Queen's gown trails into the earth. It is the same as the Empress. Several other cards have astral botanicals, and they play an important role is tapping into the collective unconscious, and working to influence it. Drawing out monsters of the ID from the forests, and remote regions of the world. Allowing people to experience, for good or for ill, the cryptid creatures that exist behind the veil, or as Alchemy calls it, the Vault.....Now lets look at the some of the inventory of the Tarot. The Major Arcana has 12 pillars, and 12 Cryptid creatures in all. Each of these sets has a MAGNETIC POLARITY, that pulls and pushes the mind, and the minds of the collective. This is very important. The magnetic polarities cause breaks in the DNA, and genetics of the collective body of Tarot users. The pillars create hybrids, and cryptids of various types, creatures that appear in our psyche, in our nightmares, or night terrors. Visions are drawn up from the collective, and can manifest as real life forms of energy, obtaining a physical body. This often happens in the paranormal triangles where the polarities are greatly amplified. The 12 pillars, and the 12 Tarot cryptids are directly associated with the 12 Houses of the Zodiac on earth, and the 12 Zodiac stations in the sky. The Major Arcana has 2 horses. One is positive in The Sun card, the other is a polar opposite, a negative, in The Death Card. The Empress card is a second pillar to The Magician card. These two cards belong to yet another triad, with The Devil card having the "As Above, So Below" insignia. Thankfully the Empress and Magician grants a positive foundation for The Devil card. The Devil card with these foundations acts as a cryptid generator, stretching the astral forces in a triangular form. The Emperor Card is a polarity all of its own. It represents both Aries, and Taurus, as both bulls are seen in the illustrations. They act as a polarity, having two poles on the arm chair, throne. This polarity, like all the others continues to create breaks in the collective, opening up portals in the collective body of Tarot users. The Tarots affects on the collective mind of humankind appears to be spontaneous, and random, and can effect people who have never used the Tarot. This power is seen in the ancient Egyptian cryptid generator symbol, the Ankh. It is important to remember that these pillars, and polarities pull the fabrics of the astral, opening up portals, rips, or breaks in the fabric, allowing for cryptid, fused energies to manifest in our world. These are several other factors that go into the Cryptid Manifestation, but lets stick to the Tarot. The Emperor energy is greatly amplified by The Empress. Her pillars and polarities are far more defined. From the Emperor, and Empress camas the third card in this triad, or triangle of High Strangeness within the Rider Tarot, it is The Lovers. The Lovers card is the direct manifestation of the cryptid in the physical. Like most cryptids, these creatures are born out of the union of a male, and female. The angel in the card has four arms. Yes, FOUR ARMS. Two of the arms are folded, hidden at the angels chest. This is the secret of the power of the Tarot. Most people don't realize that the second set of arms even exists, its hard to see, but they are there. The fourth card in this pillar / polarity sequence will begin the next part of this series, the cryptid Tarot powers of the TetraMorph. Copyright The Psi-Pantheon Arcana, Jim Edward Lucier, All Rights Reserved.