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More Successful Premonitions from Way Back.- U.S. Stealth Bomber--Fall of Blackberry [2009]

If Blackberry had listened to my warnings I could have saved them several billion dollars. However, in my Thurs, December 3, 2009 Blog entitled, "8:50 a.m. Premonitions for The Future Ecomomy," I wrote, and I quote, "Iphones as winners in the long run, as the Blackberry falls into the realm of the 1980's Atari game system." /////// In my Saturday, April 17, 2010 blog I make the premonition that the U.S. is secretly building a new form of stealth bomber. Eariler this year it was announced that the U.S. unsuccessful launched a stealth bombing like aircraft from outer space. They said they have been secretly working on the bomber for several years, 20 I think. ////// However in my April blogs of 2010 I was wrong in predicted that the Euro was going to skyrocket. Maybe it did, but it was very, very brief.

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