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My Conclusions to the Alexandra Wiwcharuk Murder Case: Final.

As a professional paranormal investigator I have worked on the mysterious, unsolved murder of Alexandra Wiwcharuk for about five years. After many meetings with the neices of Alexandra, and extensive research on my part, I have come to the following conclusions. They are based on personal opinions only, psychic impressions, and clairvoyant speculation. Here it is..... "This was an occult murder. Commited by an occult group, for occult reasons. This group, up to three or four people went on to become very high profile people. Who? I do not have a clue. I might guess, but that is all it would ever be. This group commited the crime not only as a hate crime, but as an occult sacrifice to some demon. I now suggest the demon Aldebaran. According to "The Heavens in 1962," available on Google, the first nine months of 1962 were of the astrological term, Aldebaran Occultations. The leader of this group, or mastermind is or was very educated in ancient 'occult' mythology; world mythology. Clues to the death of Alexandra Wiwcharuk maybe found in the works of Joseph Campbell. My conclusions include certain landmark alignments, and placement of certain objects related to the case. In ending, there have been numerous paranormal events surrounding the investigation of this case by many people. A simple example is that this May Long weekend was especially violent. A murder on Monday, a long string of armed robberies before it. It is my belief, and I have spoken of this before, that an occult door was opened at the site of Alexandra's death. From 1963 onward, our city experienced a terrible string of serial rappists and serial killers. I recommend a very serious blessing by several priests at the location of her death to help close this active demonic gateway. [[[ Added May 25th >>> There does exist 'hints' that Alexandra was "prepped" and stalked for this murder several years before her tragic death. Adding also that her birthdate, of mathematical interest may have one of the primary factors behind the murders thinking. ]]]

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