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SUCCESSFUL [ Belated ] "BREXIT" PREMONITION from 2013: : Poland to Leave the E.U. ?

This morning I happened toturn on the T.V. to see BACK TO THE FUTURE 2. At this point in the film the conversation centered around a book that details all the future events. Then I felt the intuition that I should check my old Skrying of the Quatrains of Nostradamus, from 2013. I wondered if I had predicted the England's departure from the E.U. I had a nagging feeling that I might have. Low and behold there is a premonition of England's exit from the E.U. I wish I had seen this before I made my incorrect premonition that England would stay in the E.U. However the successful premonition is still there. It is based on one of the quatrains I Skryed: Quatrain # 57, of the Third Century. I here quote what I wrote of what I saw of this Quatrain....The quote is from my LiveJournal Blog entry of Wednesday, November 27th, 2013. The title of the Blog series is "Eurozone Nostradamus 2014, Part 5, Century 4." .... I wrote of Q. # 57... ""England grows in success as an independent, seperate from the Eurozone. The rest of the lines speak of the back and forth struggle to have England as a member of the new European order.""  The following quatrain number 57, of the 3td Century hints of Poland leaving the E.U. This is in the last line of the quatrain which says, " Aries doubts in Bastarnian pole."  Nostradamus researcher Richard Smoley, as others see the words Bastarian pole indicating Poland. So Nostradamus maybe seeing the exit of Poland from the E.U. ....The third line of Quantrain # 57 appears to be the root that speaks of the E.U. central power, and potential problem. It reads "Free not at all, by German support."  I wrote a weird sentence concerning Quatrain # 57 [ 3rd Century] on another Blog to this Nostradamus series. The following quote is from Sunday November 24th, 2013. [Eurozone Nostradamus Part 4 ]. "" The third line reveals the secret. This quatrain is about what would happen to Britian if it had joined the Eurozone. ""
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