mystagogue5 (mystagogue5) wrote,

Dream of Russia Military Aggression / Dream of Helping Grey Aliens find Cures.

Dreampt last night that a woman came up to me. We were in a lounge of a some hotel. I sat down with her and she asked me if I thought Russia might invade her country. She siad her country was mostly forest. She was worried Russia might invade the Black Forests. She siad all this while showing me photos in a fashion magazine. The woman was tall, shoulder length brown hair. I think she was wearing furs and seemed rich. She asked me to go with a walk with her. I said okay, got up and walked to my room to get my shoes and jacket. When I got back the woman was gone, but instead was a tall man with a weird face. It was like half robotic, yet as if he had been been badly beaten. He had a long, pale trench coat, and glasses. We went outside to a dark roadway and started talking about the future. I said Russia was planning to invade the Balkin countries. And they planned to start expanding their empire. The man seemed upset and said this future would lead to a World War. The sky was dark, and often had ribbons of light flying around. //////////  Dreampt last night I was at a family house. My friend Tom was with me. In the dream I knew them, but I do not know them in my reality. I fell in love with the daughter of the family, and we started kissing. Later this dream changes where the family says "They" are here."" ""They cam back.""  I asked what was going on, They said they've all been abducted often, by Aliens. All of a sudden the main door flies open. Three of the family members, Uncles who had been missing for a long time, came floating into the living room. They were all cured up in a ball, leviting 3 or 4 feet off the ground. They stopped in the living room and uncurled. Family members began saying "They're back, they brought them back.""  Then I saw a large group of Grey Aliens quickly turn themselves into humans. They came in and took a few people away. I wanted to go with them. At firstone of them said no. But I was allowed to get on some kind of elevator that took us to their world or ship. We all stepped out and started exploring the dark labatory. I found out that the family members were taken because they were volunteering to help the Aliens find CURES FOR HUMAN DISEASES.. I watched one of the family scientists working on a humanoid like figure in a tub filled with a white liquid. I saw him sew his legs on with large DNA Double Helix strans. I had a strong feeling of wanting to help. But I knew I did not know enough about science.
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