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Just last night, I dreampt of being on a special chair and spinning around like a ferris wheel. I went upsidedown and hung upside down for a while before continuing to spin in loops.....Blog entry date, followed by content of the dream journal blog.........SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2008....Alien Abduction Dreams. Lengthy, intimate,vivid and friendly dreams of mass visitiations by Grey Aliens. Dreams of having weird devices placed in my head during open skull surgeries. Being saved by clay like living machines and take me on lengthy time travelling experinces. Dream of a Grey Alien pushing a large needle into my eye to the back of my skull........THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23th,2008......A reoccurring dream of being struck by a wall of hundreds of lightning bolts. [Reiki Attunement ?].........WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 2008.....Lengthy, vivid dream of Chinese doctors assisting in giving me a full blood transfusion with a monkey..........MONDAY, MARCH 2009.....Dream of a nuclear blast pushing me down, squeezing me into the earth as if a giant foot was slowly stepping on me. A tornado comes and continues to push on my spine, with waves of light beams.......... TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 2009.....Weeks of dreams of fighting off mass insect infestations in various old bedrooms that I've lived in. The bedrooms are stuffed with large purple crystals, crystals of all kinds, black lights, occult book shelves, and large, carved, wooden masks and idols. Often I see half animal, half jellyfish, morphing creatures walking around in the bedrooms. They morph into machines that I feel I have to take care of........WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 28th, 2005 [ resently discovered ]...Extreme orb experiences... In real life me, and my old friend Allan Mason see a bright flash of light near my bedroom at the exact same time. At another time I experience a light orb flying into my eye. My eye hurts for all of the next day...........MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th, 2009......Dream of being squeezed into a tight convayer belt. Robots try to poke me as I pass through blankets of plasmas........THURS, NOV 12th, 2009......In the last few lines of the lenghty paragraph I describe seeing and feeling plant morphing Aliens enter my body...... 
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