mystagogue5 (mystagogue5) wrote,

A REVELATION OF THE BUDDHA.....From Oriental Mythology by Joseph Campbell.

A couple of years ago I bought and read the book series "THE MASKS OF GOD by Joseph Campbell. In one of the books, Oriental Mythology, in the last chapter, called "TIBET: Buddha and New Happiness I came to these realizations. That the   Buddha has incarnated many times. That he incarnated in India, China and other Far Eastern countires several times. I say this due to the different stories of a Buddha like figure who kept appearing in the Buddhists Mythologies over and over again. You will need to read the last chapter of Oriental Mythology to understand this, and what I am about to say............Like the mind, the Buddha is always in developement......The Buddha keeps returning endlessly changing,..but always resurrected from the Sunyata or Plunum Void, the Suchness. .....The Buddha dissolves 10,000 times a day,..for every day of every year, by 10,000 ways, or Mindfulness Tao..and so, endlessly new Buddha's evolve into Being, and dissolve into non-Being: but always and forever is the evolution of Buddha's from one state of nothing, to another. Buddha is itself permanent; forever eternal, and without end. 
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